Fortune boxes query

I used to farm 2v2 final boss on normal, but lately drops have not been good, so now doing bigboy insane. I want decent fortune boxes, along with gold and xp
What do you guys recommend?

Every boss campaign have the same amount of box drop rates, *I think

you can get more runs out of madboy 2v2, so I’d suggest going with 2v2 istead of bigboy.

Most of my L-Ms come from 2v2, but that might just be me


I been doing it lately, and get 1-3 a day. Maybe more, if I pay attention. My other 2 accounts, I get less… Still the same for me. Still recomend Mad Boy 2v2 normal… Try to farm on phone app… I think better result.


fortune boxes drop got nerfed, too many complaints on rare drops

I recently went back to farming fortune boxes, starting with madboy hard. First fortune box got rail gun. Next legy was a heat bomb.

Then I went to bigboy insane and the first fortune box gave my another rail gun.

Kind of weird that I got good items in the first fortune box two times.