Fortune Boxes Help


HOW THE F**K DO I GET FORTUNE BOXES. I ve been trying for a while to get them but i cant seem to get em


Random loot, they come instead of normal boxes…

You have higher chance to get it in portal I think, but not sure…


farm on ramboi (first boss) on insane
it has higher box drop rates.fortunes are rare but they are still the most common on ramboi insane.
get your fuel refill tokens ready cus its gonna take a while to get a fortune box.


You have to farm the boss missions


You get them from bosses

The best spot by far is BigBoy (final mission) on 2v2 normal

Fortune Boxes drop at a rate of about 10% when defeating it


depends on your build
@UNKNOWN-PHAROAH could you show us your build?


Farm BigBoy, I get 2-4 every refill


That’s strange.
Cause i farmed bigboy,i got nothing today from fortune.

Okay then,nevermind,just got fortune and gave me 2 epics,same items lmao.



slaps top of mech
this bad boy can kill so many 2v2 normal bigboys


imma grind 2v2 campaign now



i just want legendaries