Fortune boxes gone?

Dumped 130 worth of fuel on ramboy and big boy , none of the runs give me fortune boxes and im level 105 , anyone suffering this problem ?
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nope , i got a few of them today.

Maybe luck wasn’t on your side. There will be a better day so don’t worry.

Nein still geting them when i farm.
It is also 5-15% chance to get them.idk if i said right with %'s

yesterday, big boy hard 1 legendary

Hard farming is also correct to get fortune. My brother alway’s get’s them when he farm’s insane bosses

its was a long fight …


and how mutch emtybox mission?

Just four missions in a row, hard BB - three empty, only a third drop a box with three gray commons. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
And such constantly: on two or three missions in a row is empty. :rage:
What then can to say about wonderbox… :zipper_mouth_face:

Haha true. Hacked 500k hp mechs fight each other :wink: