Fortune box droprate sucks!

I ohave opened like 30 fortuneboxes and like 26 of them were rares and 4 of them were epics WTF?!


drap rate !!! !!!


opening two fb and both give me legendaries, so what?

Well then you are lucky

I mean if you want to build statistics fort FB drop rates you can watch my fortune box videos, during my lifetime in super mechs I have recorded around 350 fortune boxes being opened, and many to come!

#totally not an advertisement for my channel


The drop rate isn’t suck , this is just part of the “Suprise Ingame Mechanics”


i opened 5 fortune box and i got 4 rare and 1

So if the drop rate for a legendary was 5%
{ I’m only speculating as nobody knows the exact percentage}
Then with the 30 Fortune boxes you had your outcome would be 1.5 if you were lucky

I have opened like 5 more with only rare

I got 606 Fortune Box in my Unclaimed, I wonder whats in them :thinking:

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Open them and make a statistic^^


Yeah. I have a daily fortune but it open to rare though I need more than a week to get it!

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Yeah fortune droprates need to be buffed!

How is it possible opening like 35 fortune boxes with 28 of them being rare and 7 of them being epic!

How could you get so many fortune boxes?

Lots of mining Mission 8 through time they gather.
After all I have over 1100 boxes of all kinds in my Unclaimed.

Box opening has become so slow these days unlike the old days could go through many in a few minutes now takes hours so I put it off till I have no choice.


Thanks for telling me where you got them. I just earned a fortune box from lvl 8 and got 2 Legendaries from it!


Ugh I have opened like 36 without legendary

Same thing here but luck will smile at you eventually, sometime.

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Hope I get my 2nd valiant sniper