Fortune box chance percentage


What are the chances of getting a Fortune Box from Ramboy?


No one knows for sure. It’s low btw.


I’m nearly certain that your first run (when you beat him for the first time) on normal, like almost all bosses, gives a guaranteed Fortune Box. Other runs, you will not have as much luck.

BB on insane pretty much has a guaranteed Fortune Box drop rate if you can even finish it (reload the page before you collect the rewards/boxes).


What, is this correct? Where did you hear this from?


I tested 5 runs (~6 revives) with reloading the page before collecting rewards and got 5 fortune boxes.

Either that or it’s insane luck.


When you complete RB for the first time you are also guranteed to get epic iron boots.

Tested by making new accounts. This drops from fortune box every time.


Really? I never tested that. Neat, though.


There are big chances to get it in ramboy (at least for me).


well…if it’s low I’ve been getting lucky…I’ve gotten 7+ Fortune Boxes and have received 2+ Legendary items


make that 3+ legendries because I just got another legendary from another Fortune Box…I got a Chromium Crushers Legs


That’s highly above average.
Also, we were talking about fortune boxes drop chance, not legendary drop from foryune boxes :smile:
I feel like I get one fortune box every 10/20 runs, it’s kinda variable at least for me; legendary are way more rare as far as I’ve seen :sweat_smile:


The trick is just “hit” the seconds in the click

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