Fortuna and drop legends


Recently, I opened about 40 of fortun and not dropped legendary. Is it just me? Guys how are you getting on with the legendary drop from fortune?


no legend from campaign.
Higher the level is less the awards
Enjoy the SMstyle.


i get a legendary in every or so 10-15 fortune boxes


@SeanChoi1870 got like 5 legendaries in the span of 3ish days… he doesn’t campaign much but still


I can’t remember the last time I got a legendary from one.


same here…


I have gotten a ton of whites though :thinking::weary:


Got one recently…sadly it’s only an energy mass booster


Hahaha :laughing::smile::rofl:
Bro,that’s so sad…
Remember when Sarah said the chances for commons got nerfed so we’d have higher chances at rares and epics?
Remember when I and somebody else said that getting a common out of a fortune box is about just as rare as getting a legendary?
That’s so sad mate…
While I got around 2 or 3 legendaries outta the fortune boxes in more than 6 months,playing every day,I also got just 1 common…


Lol, account reseter.


when the colors of the fortune teller are spinning, you just have to stop at the yellow color (legendary) that’s why it’s called fortune teller, lol


box fortune nothing, box park nothing or nothing special and box primium nothing = 40h lost and +40 euros lost few days
I do not have luck pff


That is not only you, Gross… It is the same with me as well. One day I will compile a video with all my openings on this account since SM Reloaded. You will be amazed with the amount of trash I received from boxes…


ah forgot, update raid 2x bigboy hard fortune 2 legendary grace bug


Been playing for a little over 4 months, every day, using all fuel every day multiple times, probably getting like 2-5 fortune boxes per day. I have gotten ONE legendary. So as far as I can tell the drop rate is absurdly bad.


And I will throw in my two cents into this… The problem is not that the droprate is shitty… But it is the fact that once in 5 months you actually get the Fortuna smile upon you, and see this yellow light shining thru… you jump up off your chair… only to see…
or some legendary POWER BONUS!!! Or another epic-myth crap you can leg-myth from epic if you ever have a wish… In my opinion, premium boxes and packs should land only leg-myth items. Period. End of story.


Yea I agree my one legendary was a chromium crusher blah