Formal complaint Cheater Player

Good night, @Sarah247 @Mohadib

I want to make the formal complaint of this

player id :2649

kevin alejandro 25
kevin A 25


because this player has been denounced previously, however, and continues to cheat and could say that in a challenging way to the tactisoft team, making use of tricks and taking advantage of doing as much cheating as possible.

I think that actions should be taken in this type of situation, do not you think?

because if many players have denounced this player who evidently made fraud to obtain advantages, why the tactisoft team does not do anything about it?

Because they do not manifest their position near this situation ?.

Are frauds allowed in supermechs?

I want to know if in this game frauds are allowed, many complaints have been made about many players who are still active

nothing happens you do not sanction, infractions.

This is a serious fault, and a mockery for all honest supermechs players.

we want to see concrete actions since irrefutable evidence has been presented.

I only label them because I know that you like fair play, and I want to know your opinion about this situation that refers to this player of dubious reputation.

@El_Metre (lyl member)

@Lannister (reing leader)

@HappyPoppers (htk leader)

@bestplayerintheworld (htk member)


I am sure that @Sarah247 and @Mohadib will not allow the mockery towards the tactisoft team on the part of this cheating and dishonest player


How do you know if he has been cheating? He could have just spent a lot of money, right?

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well if you have been around for a long time, it shows


When you go to say you must observe, a player who has medals from the other version of the game appears as level 6 in a photo and then level 13 who believes that this is possible without cheating to restart the campaign and get the tokens again of the beginning and benefits of it from the box stages and other campaign tokens, how many times did the tokens get how much fraud this player has made.


Oh, I didn’t see the medals. Whoops. Now it’s obvious.

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Don´t forget the player “Diamond-4040” , now in the Hard to Kill clan, who also uses the same cheat.

Agree with you, I detest the cheaters, but cleaning has to start at home first.

And by the way I would like to know, at least out by curiosity, why “bestplayer” wrote a few weeks ago on this same forum, which had reported to the player Asa8742-6202 and then, 2 days after, she had him in her clan. Was she wrong or decided it was better to look the other way? If it was a mistake, bestplayer should have apologized publicly, in the same way that she publicly denounced this player.



I think that Shadow was explicit, when formulating the complaint, it means that you agree with the permanence of “katakuri” in the game or only or you say because this is your clan, you join the punctual denunciation that they did.

PS: if you are going to comment, you should mention the topic that the post is about if you have any other complaint that you can make by creating your own direct report post. Do you think it helps to change the objective? even knowing that this same player was about to destroy your account ?, but that is another issue that is not being discussed here, the shadow friend was very direct with his complaint, the final which is your position you approve or disapprove that this Player remains in the game knowing that he cheats and that is not the first time he does.

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because of that i have planning to retire from super mechs. for attention “shiro” (:pig::pig2::pig_nose:) now has risen, some of them are in HTK’s


I like them piglett emoticons, they are soo pink and cute.
Cheaters exist in all top clans.
They are cheaters, in HTK,in Reign,and aparently in Llyl also.
The problem isnt that they cheat(at least it is not our plroblems as players). We can not ban them, we can only exclude them.
It is our own fault they exist in the top clans, it is our problem that we tolerate them and employ their accounts to secure victories for the clan.
If us… the top clans would exclude them, they would be forced to make their own clan, and thus become more visible to the devs,admins(the case of shiro), we rose against them befor, and with alot of nerves, and alot of conplaints we managed to have some of them banned, we did that toghether.
After that we went soft, and they again infiltrated the top ranks and hide amongst honest players.
Want to solve the issue, well let us learn from the past, and befor we start makeing "official"complaints(the official ones are made at techsupport), we must first clean our own closet.
When will we learn that this little bickering that we do amongst ourselfs leaves us weak in front of the cheaters, the devs, others that speculate this old age hatred that we promote amongst ourselfs.
But we allow it to continue, this stupid toxicity, and bitterness, that prevents us from actualy makeing progress with this game, to make it better.
These cheaters wouldnt be here if we wouldnt allow them to be, it is simple, we exclude them and they would be left outside of the top clans without us haveing another issues of whom has cheaters and whom hasnt.
Yes, there is drama about all these, and Wep is right when she says you have also the same cheaters in your clan, wanna denny it? Sure deny it… it will make the cheaters only prosper.
Lani is also right, there are hiden in your clan,and in his, and in mine, the main cheaters that were in “shiro”, it will be a matter of time befor they make their way again into their own clan… and then we will have history repeat itself.
You flagged what? A comment that is true… come now, i invite you to see the truth.
Why are they still here? Why are they still tolerated? Why after they got banned, they came back?
AND most important… what can WE as players can do about it?


:joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat:

I still remember how I was added to reign chat in
fb and the flushy with xeno discussed cheats.
and maybe they did it on your account too.


Let me tell you his full ID
Katakuri ID : 11942649


What is your avatar picture !?

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It is Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones in charter as Tyrion Lannister. I would think Lannisters name would give it away LOL.


I will take the defence side of Kata (Kevin) and say my opnion.

  1. He is a donator , which means he defenetely has strong mechs.

  2. Yts TACTCSOFTS fault the didnt fix the bug to reset your level , they should research into it .

  3. Other top players are doing this and they are not getting attention as this guy.

  4. What if you were doing this glitch , and were exposed . You wouldn’t want to be banned right? (unless you have cheated mechs ex. Kig Blinc & ez2003d)

Let tacticsoft fix their shit dude ._.


I would be happy to have my account checked into. I would be happy to have tacticsoft to look at my spending. I have spent over $ 1800 US on supermechs and it insults me when people cheat. He should be banned for glitch abuse if he is cheating. .

Was using the same glitch.


I know , thats why i put him there . But again , if you know how to use this , you should contact the dev team and tell them the cause of it. Less exploiters , better gameplay


I do not know how to use this I only know it is a cheat because I have seen screenshots of these people bragging about using it.


it’s very sad that after update cheaters became top players, and old players stayed with nothing.


I totally agree on this one

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