Forgotten items


heat eruptor is nemo dude
backstabber & red rain defenetly need a remake
shield may be re added without weight xD since everyone try to fit as much hp plates as they can & wont take em away just to use a shield


DS was funny to use xD
but annoying to death if u didnt have blowback weapons or 2 uses grappling
they literally took forever to be killed xD
but nah a cancerous 100 resis all build could be possible if TS get a little crazy & add a remake of DS xD so please dont give em ideas


Cant wait until the reloaded version which they starts at legendary so not many people can beat and obtain it and it starts breaking the game thus making all weapons become absolutely useless just like the last version.


nemo sprites comes from destroyer of the worlds drone. but yes nemo has heat cap damage like heat eruptor.

destroyer of the worlds


thanks to @Xzyckon for sprite pack.


yeah i was thinking on functions xD

of topic: im the only who thinks nemo has to be with brutality & devouring paws, but x the other side zarkares torso with scorching feet & clash looks awesome


I think there is no heat grenade launcher bacause Twisted Flux and Abomination have kinda same functionality, except they drain resist


Abomination is leg-myth only tho


Look up MudraFoca, they have a legacy version of a heat grenade launcher.

If anything, they should just bring that back but with stats suitable for reloaded.


I know the guy.He’s actually one of my favorite opponents :slight_smile:


Well…I meant Night Eagle…Like the top weapon that brings your opponent closer,not the side weapon that pushes him away.
Even so…Not even the side (Terror Cry) has a heat version while it does have a phys and energy one so,yeah…it’s pretty much the same thing.
Anyways,let’s move on :slight_smile:


A heat version of night eagle… that could open a small pandorian box of builds.
Since start of marches accure at ranges 1,3,5.
I can only think of a nice build like this:
2 flames, heronmark,heat NE.
With about 460+ energy cap, and 2000 ish hp, and 460 heat cap with 200+ cooling. Would be a nice overheat dream to have.
But it can be handled.


I can already see it’s stats with the way devs treat heat weapons:

120-240 dmg
90 heat-120heat (back to user)
1 pull
Hidden stats “heals your enemy because ■■■■ heat” in the eyes of the devs.

(sad heater life man).