Forgotten items

this weapon was very effective before sm reloaded.

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I don’t think the Swarms have a Reloaded version atm…

I have fought some players with that weapon and it seems pretty weak

well yeah, all legacies are weak now in comparison to new items.

the heat versions of these was used by pretty much everyone in the top ranks for a couple months right before reloaded though. energy and phys versions were also used effectively to a lesser extent.

and no, there’s no reloaded versions as of now.


Maybe in some time we will see 400 dmg swarms


The shreders(phis counterpart of it) were the only effective counter to the DS Cancer build … if you remember.
The swarmers(heat) were the reigning build for 3 consecutive months.
Then the DS build came and made these little nasty fackers absolute.
The Stormers(energy) were the highly effective counter build against the clasic energy build,they were energy free, combined with the electro shark(bullet drone), were fantastic energy killers, and decent against other builds.
Dont think TS will remake them… they were all pretty OP myths.


DS cancer builds ?This text will be blurred

Diamon Shell.

oh ok…^^This text will be blurred

now we can only use it for sprites

what i need is a backstabber remake :confused:
desert snake consumption is ridiculess compared to dmg
supreme cannon is ok but lacks of range too soon with the knockback
desolation is ok but i would preffer something with blowback to avoid people ran from my range since grappling hook just have 1 use xD

Ahh yes, the good old push and pull builds of the Heat. Damn i miss those, was incredibly fun to bounce around your opponent.
The desert worm, how i call it, has so little to offer for the cost of it.
uses 75 heat and 25 energy a total of 100 resorces(second highest resorce consumtion in game), and only heats up 71, with hidden stats of 7 cooldown dmg.
The dmg is kind of low, and also weights alot.
I think it should be rebalanced a bit.
Either a higher heat dmg, cooldown dmg, or less heat generation per use.
But at the same time, if they make a pullback wepon similar to Backstabber, it would have to be energy free, with similar stats to Dessolation.


probably on 2019 when they want to buff heat to "see diferent builds"
i miss my rocket yoshimo x,D
infernal axe, 2 devastation & backstabber were pretty fun
now game fun is unrecheable xD
u dont have fun getting items because boxes are crap even the premiums
then when u finally got an almost full mythical mech u still dont have fun because u have to sit & wait x a fight

i found some items from my forgotten account

bacstabber 2

backstabber 1

red rain

engine breaker

energy breaker

cooldown breaker

electrocop , metal bender , firewatch

meteor , meltdown , sparks

sector eye

heat eruptor



hey tacticsoft. we missed the old items. these items should regain the game.


if they return it would be from legendary (although better than epic), I hope you consider it the missile rain


Something like the heat version of the Night Eagle would be nice
Out of topic:
Why does Night Eagle have a physical and an energy version but not a heat one?
I know it had one in the Legacy stage of the game.Why not anymore?


yeah it could be usefull but without energy consumption if range is 3-6
if it could be range 4-8 ill be ok if its consumption is similar to supreme cannon, considering the prefference x energy builds
but i still preffer backstabber because i just like rockets more than a weird looking “grenade”

o.o.f.: maybe its because heat mechs were the most common build before reload, so they “leave it behind” to make players take diferent builds
i mean heat have the heaviest weapons & special items (also just one of those) but sightly more good items than physicals
in some way energy builds are the fav of devs its way more good items & builds on energy


So much nostalgia. . .
Nostalgia 1
Nostalgia 2
Nostalgia 3
Nostalgia 4
We need more diverse weapons such as these. It’d be great if there were in-game remakes, too (save for Charged Laser and others).


Maybe they will remake some for the new updates,as they did with the armor destroyer (tho,they made it a complete useless remake)


Well for sure i don’t actualy miss the Dymonds builds.
Those matches took forever.
Specialy in the last 2 weeks befor Reloaded.
690 hp DS build, with 31 res and 25% shield…