Forget username


hi everyone .
i forget my game username
but i know the email and password for how i can login ?


If you can’t remember your username, then we can’t recover it :confused:


i can login with the email ?
i tried the username it say it’s wrong
and i tried to register an account with it it say it’s already used
i say forgot cause i used all usernames i remember


Maybe it got deleted? Other then that I don’t know


When was the last time you received an email from Tacticsoft?


Yeh the login from sm is pretty hard…

R.I.P My frist acc ;-;


why would i get emails ?


Tacticsoft can send you emails as answers to your questions, x eg., or as notification about some activity.

If you have received any of these emails for a some time, you may be able to recover it, your username appears there. Or maybe Tacticsoft save the sent mail files for a while.


Purchase (if any) receipts are also helpfull to recover accounts.


You can recover deleted items in Hotmail up to 30 days after having deleted them completely.


hmm will see ty everyone


is there anyway i can search for specific username ?


Old forum


Ah an old classic…


Try to press “forgot password?”,games usually send the username as well as the reset password in tour email,like when I forgot my password in BD:


Its possible. Just look around.


nvm i made another account


lol (20 character limit)