Forcing Monero mining?

Hey guys I wanted to login my old account on a Flash-Supported browser on Android (idk I just wanted to do) and a disclaimer appeared right before the game. I will upload a pic soon. Anyways, using your customers to get money like this is not good. You are killing our PCs and what is it in return? A small portion of 5M tokens (I see no more than 100 can be recieved. Wake up guys). Please stop this, and afaik it IS ILLEGAL. Bring up lawsuits bois we got a mess here

I can’t view it right now (I don’t know why) but at least some last words, Dear SuperMechs Devs, you are blocking your very own site by doing this. I recommend to remove that mining plugin asap. Sincerely, a f2p player.

Lol that was a small, friendly expierment where they compensated players 100 times the amount they mined to see what they could generate. Additionally, nobody had to do this, it was simply a choice if you wanted some extra tokens.

Additionally, after a couple of days they ended it, saying they have decided that it is not a practical cause, and also noting that they gained about 5 dollars from that experiment.

If you still see the mining plug-in, clear your browser and chache.

I mean it happened today and I just installed that browser before the message. Since MinerGate is banned in Turkey, the script crashed.

There is no more mining in supermechs. However, there may be a bug where they forgot to remove the miner from that browser. If this is the case, please message Sarah247 with descriptions and screenshots of whats happening. And remember, the mining was not forced, nor permanent, so this is just a bug.

Ok, will do.syeet