Forced Quit Bug

2 times in the past week I have been winning battles when the opponent forced me to disconnect. It’s happened to several players that I am aware of. The old bug has returned.

I have 4G at home and 5G at work with good signal strength. Help would be appreciated @Sarah247


That does not say, that you never can have any disconnections :exclamation:

I have best connections as well, but still I lose from time to time the connection to SuperMechs :exclamation:

There are many factors which can happen :exclamation:

Just saying, not trying to defend a cheat, IF there is one, the opposite, as you know best, I always report cheaters :exclamation:

But 1 or 2 disconnections a month are totally normal, EVEN you have best internet connections :exclamation:

Beside that, to use such a cheat is pretty stupid, because IF a player would use it in a regular base, ALL could see at his replays, sooner or later :exclamation:


P.S.: we should concentrate to report the real cheaters of this game :exclamation:


This happens quite often when I play on my computer (which is overall a slow device), and I never thought of it before, but now that I do think of it this happens at least once every 3 days for me.

I never do it purposefully, it just happens.


the “lucky” of the game

patience… do not lose your courage !!

only look forward

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“if there is one”.
As a legacy player yourself, I’m positive that you’re familiar with “time up” one of the most crafty jackers in the game who managed to discover this bug and infamously used it further ahead, hence don’t play the “random internet crash” card. The existence of this hack is inevitable not an “if” matter, the developers merely prolonged it’s return rather than terminating it completely. I’ve experienced it myself, 4 disconnects a week is no coincidence, amusingly the players who’re abusing it presently are all related in several ways, unmentionable.
Also, please do elaborate on “real cheaters”.

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As a random player yourself, I am positve that you can …
… get a better internet … 4 disconnections a week … you really need to get a better internet :exclamation:


Summon … don’t start getting personal, if you don’t like facts, thats your problem, but really no need to start getting personal :exclamation:

The facts are …

… which cause a disconnection …

  • SuperMechs doing an Update = disconnection

  • your Internet provider doing an Update = disconnection

  • your Internet provider having issues with its server = disconnection

  • the infrastructur for your connection having an issue (Cable, Wifi, router, etc) =disconnection

  • your device (computer, laptop, tablet, handy) having an issue = disconnection

  • your device’s software doing an update in the background (without you noticing) and “overload your download” = disconnection

Furthermore I never said that it is not possible that players using it, BUT we had very very very rare cases in the past … as long as I can remember it were “only” 2 cases :exclamation:

So it seems pretty complicated, meaning that this must be a real hack :exclamation:

For your information, it was not “Time Up” using it, “Time Up” used the infinite tokens for free glitch :exclamation:

It was Ryan Ramos using it, but with a little research, we saw that Ryan Ramos was a “real” hacker (a little one, no need to start a discussion now what a real hacker is, thats why the “”), who did that to alot of games (even very known once) :exclamation:
He was able to do all cheats … tokens, items, jump into Clans without permission etc. :exclamation:


Excuseme, wsnt for you …

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The replays are an adept witness, indeed. And that’s exactly what mechzilla has shared as an evidence. It’s clear before us all, that the same player somehow managed to disconnect their opponent, twice or more, supposedly. How can you possibly imply that cadbunny isn’t a hacker? No offence to miron or his mates but you can never know for sure unless you’re personally acquainted. The various hacks you’ve listed above are irrelevant because ts has upgraded the security in those areas while the arena lays evidently intact. As for the whole “Tech nom nom” you blurted out between the lines, I assure you that my internet was running smoothly and my PC, perfectly updated. I had two devices consuming internet but the second one didn’t lose any network! Ironic, isn’t it? I actually laughed at the part which claimed that tacticsoft must be “updating their servers”, your naive personality is worth a meme ;->, the last time ts actually updated their servers when I was in the arena resulted in a lag for both opponents I was battling @lol789, once we refreshed neither of us gained or lost anything and the replay wasn’t even recorded.


Violation of TOS, @Darkstare & @Marija. Personal attacks.

This thread is about the forced quit bug, nothing else. Please keep the thread on topic.


I doubt Cadbunny is capable of actually hacking, which would imply unauthorized data breach of SM servers. You are all using that term incorrectly.

A more likely scenario is it’s an advanced form of packet sniffing. Finding out your opponent’s IP during a battle and utilizing a botnet to preform a DDOS in real time.

We’ve seen this accomplished a few times in legacy, however those attempts were far more obvious. Noob mechs at rank 1 with battle replays lasting 1-5 turns, all wins, all from the opponent quitting.


Yes, that’s reasonable, but if you constantly use the bug, you might actually get banned. And it’s a matter of fact that bunny is aware of this and using it against opponents he isn’t capable of defeating.


truths hurt you sir?

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I never lost signal and my VPN & cellular/data network stayed static. The only thing I lost was connection to the TS network, and it did not attempt to reload as it typically does. Interference was required.

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“truths” and “hurt” don’t really fit there. At least take the pain of making your approach clear.

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Please find another topic to troll. Meritless accusations are not welcome here.


i’m not speaking in name of trolls

this is godamn real, it isn’t a coincidence that it happens only against trolls fast members. Mechzilla has more screenshots of this happening, Something must be done, they are destroying the game with their own hands by abusing this bug, you can’t just ignore this. This is not the way players are supposed to deal with the possibility of being defeated, Its totally unfair. They may not do this to everyone, especially players who question this incident in order to hide it. They are not fools to abuse this cheat recklessly, Whoever knows about this old bug must help to show Sarah how it is triggered so that it can stop! This is not fair at all.


that’s it! They need to know the player’s IP in order to trigger the force disconnecting! That’s what happens. How can they know our IP tho, I don’t think this is legal either, i mean its violation of privacy


Stop bringing up obsolete sausages. By what you typed up there it’s obvious that the cheat is a response to his strategy, which over again is “falling low”. If losing a medal really crumbles your balls you might as well quit the arena, as it’s equally “unfair”. The irony of some counter user talking of “fairness” is epic.


Pack sniffing is legal. Programs like Wireshark and Cain & Abel are free to download and use too.

If the data is encrypted, I think that’s where it crosses the line and falls under data breach.