Force Relocate Conquered Colony - Update


Sometimes you want to force relocate a conquer, maybe eot for a trap… But, if u are not ready to do it quick you must fail.

After we click here:

We go to that list:

In this particular situation, I have 400 ops and damn, to find that op I wanna do the trick will take so much time and I might miss it (which I really did).

I’d suggest to either make it in alphabetic order or make a new option like, after u clicking in the option to force relocate the conquer, you can go directly to the op u want send him to and press a button like:

“Relocate your conquered colony here”.

  • Yes, it should be updated.
  • No. (please, say why and how we can do it better).

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Voted yes! I’ve always wondered why it’s been like that. It makes no sense to have to search between so many outposts the one which corresponds to the place where you want to move an annoying conquer or to perform an end of tick trap.

Good idea.