For those who did not participated to economy beta! Here s what s new(no joke)(lel)


This beta is indeed very different from past beta s! Because it uses different formula were you can transform your weapons(or anything) to mythicals and have 1.170hp and above!
Modules can be upgraded!
Leveling up to 150 is possible!
Upgrades not focusing to one factor!
You can now shape your mech much more freely!(if any of your mech slots are opened)
Your max energy(fuel) keep increases as you level up!
More convincing daily bonuses!
No more negative resistance giving torsos!(GOD MODE!)
No more ammo requirement!
Drones can drain resistance!
Kits are silver box and premium box!

Now for the downsides!
Upgrading an item takes coins!
Minimum 50 tokens needed to convert!
Silver boxes has increasing price as you open them up!
Leveling up takes more time!
Harder campaign(as of course!)
Finite inventory takes tokens to get expanded!
Game feels more slow pasted!

Overall! It is will be a great upgrade if those flaws will looked up!
Scaling: nein/tem!

But ofcourse playing the beta and hearing the beta are very different to each Other!


Why do you sound so excited…?


Because it is good! But ofcourse it needs some tweaks! Finally i can be the best!


that sounds horrible!
whats happens with all the myths etc you have?
souds like they will start to drain out the paying ones.
Maybe many players will quit if they feel treated unfair…
i have no idea how they want to make that in a fair way…


Relax! Beta is do able! I tried it as a pro! Don t worry!


Reason you ve been terrified becuz you didn t played the beta! Beta was fun!


You forgot to say Rockets and Bullets gone and replaced by Limited Use. Unless they pulled that.


P_P you missed the most important part… no more negative resistance from torsos!!! (and now the max resist is over 50).

and lot of more things but, tehehe if you thing now than your mech is megastrong and unkilliable, we have bad news for ya, on beta one noob mech on lvl 10 is stronger than you on lvl 30, hellfire, godmode, DS, Usa, any actual mech you use, cant beat one beta mechs :blush:


I wasn’t on the beta much… Gimme the inside details namy…


beta was awesome


weell, inside details:

  • you can go furter lvl 31, and for unlock all the modules you need goooo furter more, probably lvl 50.
  • double needle with heat, phys and energy plus high damage ratio -250-400- on mith.
  • energy weapons with 100+drain, others with 150+ and cut the regen on 20-40.
  • drones can drain resist, do more damage or more heat/drain. by example one evil flame with -5 heat resist, 35 heat and 100-180 damage plus no energy.
  • miths with one use can beat you in one turn (damage over 700)
  • last boss on insane do on one single shot 1300!!!
  • i didnt see armor breakers, swarms, firewalls, steel barrier, and negative resist.
  • diamond shell on mith has 3 horns in back, hellfire has now a mohawk, electrone defense looks like one engel ( i like it), i didnt see metrolens, goodmode starts on epic, like one ugly roach, but the legendary has better desing than mith one, usa torso evo tier is cute, i didnt see ultraspade evo, only the starter.
  • you can win free boxes from pvp
  • no push items with 2 or more knock.
  • no 3 mov legs and that screen user.
  • now items category are not only for weapons: phys torso has more hp and same stats on energy/cooling, heat torsos has more engine but less hp than phys and energy torsos are the same than heat but on energy; phys legs give more hp and damage than energy or heat.
  • one boss has 2 lavasprays, and IA is little more agresive.
  • hammer, axe and swords need energy and do 1 knockback… all of them…
  • teleport, charge and grap lost one use… mith version only has 1 use now.
  • but charge and grap has no energy/heat cost (except energy grap who need energy and heat grap with heat cost). grap has unlimited range.
  • ultramodules of heat/energy will be unnecesary because the heatcool&cap and energycap&regen can go over 65 on mith…(mine was legendary with 60+ on heat cap and 45 on cooling)
  • the bad part is lavaspray can cut 24 cooling and has 3 uses.

mmm dont know, what else you need to know…?

remember, all this can change when the update comes on 2-3 weeks so, this info can be wrong that day; and can change from beta tester to beta tester because not all play in the same way or go high like me. i made 80%+ of the campaing, get 53 levels on both test and second place all the week until last day when someone steal my medal P_P

knowledge and needles make that posible… was so fun… i miss ma mech now… sniff :sob:


That sounds like propaganda.
I like to belive they improve gameplay…
All I heared till now sounds more like "improve pay to win"
I spended alot of time and money on this game, like many other.
If the new “update” force me to spend more to win vs unskilled noobs with no idea of strategy and op mechs,
it will decrease fun for me.

I am on a point on the game where i can beat every other user with the right builds and strategy.
So it’s like chess for me.
When now someone can buy a field full of Queens it’s rly unfair.
Nerfing items, fixing Bugs and do something about the common hacking and acc modding would be enough improvement for me.

But it’s the SM staff. Nobody have to understand them.
When they say the update will come next week, i see it in a year, or like color kits and old shop… never.


like you, most of spender players will say the same, worry more for the items they buy than try to read what beta testers are saying:

you will keep your items all of your loved and buyed 1tems, if you want keep playing with them you can, if you want change them for new tier you can; if you a re a chess lover, you will love the new update too, because now are no more king or queens, any torso can be queen and looks like the tower, the diference will be the strategy you apply on that mech.

with heat / energy / pys torsos, high hp or high resistance, high or low cap, no energy weapons, high damage or high drain, balanced ones, hibryds, etc. And probably the best combination of the actual tier and the new one.
i will make an example for you with one config old / new:

  • new pys torso with 1200hp at max myth transformed from normal item.
  • new pys legs with 450hp and 180-240 damage maxed on myth and transformed from starter mech.
  • old shield of energy at 30%.
  • 4 new hp plate of 400hp at max mith transformed from starter one.
  • heatcap with 90/65 and one coolregen with 70 cooling.
  • old firewall at max level.
  • old heat axe (or hammer)
  • new infernova at max
  • new top heat weapon (like the lavaspray but no energy)
  • old flamebitter at max
  • new evil flame drone (drain resist and high damage) or old boiling drone.

a heat monster of 2800hp like your queen. like how its sounds right?


Just updated the main thread post!
Thanx to namy for filling the blanks that i missed! I owe it!


About the leveling up, do players who have accumulated stupid amounts of XP level up automatically without the rewards?


if transforming came in the real game then there is no fun in the game as u can easily get any mythical without waiting


Don t worry! Transforming is not that easy and even if you have mythicals important thing is everyone are at your level! So you ll win against them or you ll lose! It depends on your tactics and your plays!


It’s still better than buying a mass of tokens to go on a mythical box spree in hopes of getting the right item if you ask me, and from what I’ve experienced with this system I can say that you will have to wait quite a bit before you gather the resources required to actually transform an item.


hopefully we will retain all our myths


The developers have already answered this question. They’ve confirmed that we will be keeping our myths. How useful they’ll be on the other hand, is subject to debate.