For those who are in the GOAT tournament

im bored and i was thinking… who wan’t to try out their tournament mechs just to see how good they are?
so anyone want to battle? im ready (or farming) i’m currently tweaking some stats but that’s all


let me get my mech ready

what’s your ign?

OmegaEmperor_627, it’s kinda weird but i’m not going to spend 100 tokens to change name

lol, mine is hunterknight109
and i have a free name change but i like this name


just a moment, i was farming

ok, im done m8!

Waiting for sm to load

ok… just tell me when

I’ll take a super electric mech to goat, you’ll see how no one prepares against energy :laughing:


dude… my goat mech is energy… lol

Go to chat,i’m done

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GG, it was so close!

I wanna test my GOAT mech

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Let’s battle

meet me in Clan chat

im back, had a 3v3…

wanna test GOAT mech?

I also want to try my mech goat

Meet me in English chat @scarletdragonfly

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