For those EU people..can you see thanos car meme?


Can you see the meme?

The reason i posted this topic is because of this.

Just gonna watch if it works.


good job mate


For wat?

Kidding,fuqing ez to make topics.


the year is 2150, memes has ben baned long ago in every part of the world, memes are forbidden in every way, you cant even remember the memes because they have copyright in your mind, now life is boring


Future is the meaning of death.


now we are gonna send back to the past a man, the leader of the rescistance john conn
cut, we cant use that name.
wait what it has copy right too?
yes it have, use other name.
but actually the guy is named john conn…
dont say that name, just use other name.
ok, then.
the leader of the rescistance, amm, geriberto villanueva, to save the future of the memes


I forgot to say why is at spam.
Well,because it’s an meme lol.

But it’s serious.


a serious meme that even exist, i was thinkin that was only a myth


I just saw this and didn’t trusted my eyes lol.

It’s gud one.


thanks streaming companies for pushing eu into making this shit :slight_smile:


Wait wat.

Can you see it? Send meh an SS.
You live in Poland…EU ofc


They haven’t implemented it yet, also google has some filters already and each country will modify this “unica” so thing can vary


Why would google join them?
I regret saying about joining EU.


becasue money thats why




ok now lets fill up this s*** with memes, as a form of protest




We have to protest this crap or you and everyone who lives at EU are fuqed.


sombody do the i love revolution meme with me (cause i cant do it i dont have graphic editing software)


Yup,my country is not here.

I don’t give a sht lol.