For future earth eras


Well,before i leave,i just wanted to open a post about this.
Unhealty gameplay has been showed this E3,and i hope Admins will somehow fix it in the future eras.
In my opinion,a system where the relic can’t reach further then 24 ticks from ground should be implemented.If not,then a rule where the relics WILL be takeb back to ground,not just given protection and get them back into the sea.
With that being said,anyone has better ideas?Maybe some crazy one that would actually work?Lets post it here and see if any gets chosen by the Admins!
(Also,omlet with cheese,or morning unhealty snacks before going to office?)


Well, a similar thing happened in era 74, where a team just stacked their entire army on a relic in the pacific and we had to fly out to take it with all 12 members - it could have resulted in how it did for you and cost us the era unfairly.

Tom ultimately decided to resolve the situation by stating that in future eras, relics would be taken back to land if the team that held them was dead/conquered etc or just trying to extend the era. The issue was then that he didn’t do that this era, but changed his mind again and sent them to AA where it made essentially no difference. I don’t think the relic speed thing helps either because it still results in annoying situations as happened just now.

The thing is, this only really happens on E3. But I do think that something should be done. The key needs to be making sure that everybody is informed about any unique rules - as they generally are in, say, E5. Because nobody plays every E3 and so people aren’t gonna be aware of rules made say five eras previously.

Perhaps it could be sent out in the Admin’s player message each era?


All was good , everyone knew toms rules… his rules were ok…
But he didnt announce them…
PLO’s team claimed they didnt know that rule (even tho all of them played previous E3 eras… yea right)
PLO even called it an admin scam :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

As long as we have a standard rule which wont be abused like this… all will be fine


Well,saying that future eras is to late would make me look bad,but ill still say it.
Things need to be done asap to assure a healty gameplay that people can enjoy.Its all business for the Admins,i get it now.
Before fanboys of people start showing up,or Admins closing this,i would actually like to say this:
Choose to keep the game healty first,then the business will go ,maybe,to better numbers.
Hate me or love me,this is my thoughs.
Still would be nice for ideas for future eras,and Admins thoughts and such on this topic.
The rule as it is,and as it was put in practice,is a disgrace,lets be all honest.Better ways to deal with it can be found.


Well @Yojiro, at least you had some Admin help. We had to fly with everyone on a normal speed relic against like 3x the shit that PLO’s team had this era, despite everyone in this enemy team being conquered and getting nuked constantly


lol we had no help

there was no change in rules…everything was done old fasioned way

relics were same speed etc


I have to dissagree with this one, if the relics are moveable, you should be able to move it anywhere you want. That was the point of the relic when they removed relics from colony right?


I wondered who claimed that.

Btw we werent dead and werent trying to stall we were still fighting


Okay,lets stop talking about eras,and talk about things to prevent this unhealty thing to happen again


I don’t see a reason good enough to prevent that. in that case cut the oceans out of the map or make the furthest point in the ocean 24tick away to be in range of nukes. Even a better idea make relics static, unable to move? But then why change relics from the begining? Point of that is to make an era harder to win by collecting all 10 relics.


Wasnt there a thing where if the owner of a relic gets conquered his relic automatically starts moving to his colony?


Hmm… I might be wrong (more chances are i’ll be wrong) but I don’t recall such a rule.


We’re currently working on a new ruleset, that said we’re kind of moving towards the opposite.

– I want to discuss a few more things internally before giving the community a vote on it, but I think we may have taken admin intervention a bit too far in the game. Over the years we’ve added more and more rules, created more and more restrictions.

I feel like it adds a very human yet very hard to predict factor to the game. Again – the players will get a vote on it, but I think we should aim to drop every rule that is either, non-essential or “grey” (not black-white, hard to judge) and make sure players focus on the game, using it however they wish, without having to worry about the admins were possible…


That is,indeed,cool,but wont solve the fact that an alliance can send the relics in the ocean and leave them there.
In my opinion something needs to be done in that case (if no rule/admin intervention,then an implemated system that prevents something like that to happen).
Giving players free will to do what they want its cool (as long as its in the games rules ofc),but letting them abuse something like this is not.Like i stated before and i will keep saying it,its unhealty mechanic that will be abused in the future as well,i am sure of it (if nothing is done).


Ever since relics are movable people have been doing it. What’s keeping you from sending your relic to the ocean?



Sending all your relics to the sea is a hard enough task. Its not like you can jump them. They move slow and give ample chance to grab it before it is unreachable


But it’s a legitamite strategy!!! :confused:


Legitamite,healty,good,not antygame strategy indeed.
Whats the point of having the era can end when all relics are captured and held for 100 ticks,when 1 alliance can just do that?
Also,please,if you have nothing to add,just came here to be a fanboy,restrain yourself from posting,thank you.@5142


in theory the other teams are at fault for letting them get to that stage


Removed the off-topic stuff.

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