For Christmas they should make a 2 day thing when you can do 10 campaign missions and you can get a box with 5 mythical cards

This will make people want to join and want to play, instead of 300 people playing there will be 1,000.

Lol no


Dude yes, because it’s hella hard to get mythical but it should be a 1 day or 2 day offer.

On the other side it would make people wanna play more. Am I right, think about.

thats the point of the game , to make it hard to grt myths , why do yiu thibk the highest lvl of rarity you can drop is legendary? instead of 5 myths make it 2 epics and 3 legendaries


At least 1 myth 2 leg, and 2 epic how about that.

Thirsty for mythicals?
Just grind and get 25 epics and around 1,5 mil coins for a mythical like any other player

I wish but I don’t pay for the game. That’s the point, I have one myth.

I have 10 fully fused mythicals and i spent 0 dollars.

its possible if you dedicate atleast 1-2 hours a day


True, I wish I had money rn, but I can’t

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U gota good idea buddy

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very good idea indeed for christmas

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Thx you very much, everyone needs a special day, and I think it will get a huge hit.

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is very wrong 5 mythical is very absurd that is obtained by your account not by theirs and if they give 5 good mithics or would give a mythic is more only give you as a gift 3 legendary nothing more and it is not a good idea 5 mythical by many reasons


For Christmas they should at least give two myths for a Christmas present.

They should take away everyone’s tokens and gold away for Christmas, and then delete everyone’s mechs, so everyone has to buy all their items back. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome Tacticsoft.


Supermechs Re-reloaded Confirmed.

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There we go…

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no need to pay, i have fully fused myth mech and i dont even pay