For anyone who wants to play Smash Bros

Anyone who wanna play against a try hard competitive pikachu player.
If ya do i’ll give my switch friend code.
6418 4784 9297
Discord tag is ImmortalBay#0758

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I can play soon, if you set up an arena in half an hour, you can tell me it and I can play if you’re still around.

I accept your challenge, but I cannot right now. It will be awhile. Perhaps tomorrow even.

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Aight. I’ll open a public arena in about 12 minutes or so then.

o. Alright.

I’m ready if you are. Just note that I’m decent, but not good. I won’t go down easy, but I probably will go down.

Btw if ya dont mind can ya set your stage to random. I have it set on legal stages (hopefully)

I’m in. Prepare to win!

Gg. Surprised ya went pikachu for the first round tho :>

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Yeah, I’m surprised my Yoshi could even do anything!
Also @Darkstare, I’m gonna warn you, I may suck but this god is not messing around. His Ganon could beat my Joker, so be prepared for the demon known as Pikachu. I might wanna join (or get trashed and then watch you two play for the rest of the day) so tell me when you do.

I have no doubt that I will get trashed. As a Little Mac main, I am definitely used to it.

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and I though I was gonna die.
I’m so sorry. I wanna be there to support (cough laugh as you die repeatedly cough) you as another main of a trash character. (Found my Yoshi was good just now, gonna main a bit)

Ok, anyone available?

Ah sorry. I usually have a tough time keeping up to date with things on the forums. How about this, I am usually available in the morning 8 - 12 and 5 - 12 PM. US Est time.
If ya want we could set up a certain time to get on and play a few games. As of rn though I need to get some sleep.

i love smash bros because i gonna choose yoshi in smash bros


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I am a bit strong :rofl::rofl:

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