For anime lovers


Guys this will be space for anime ppl.
If u r one of us hop on the train and share anything relevant .in btw i hope all of u have alrdy joined our fb kissanime group xd


is kissanime working again. It had a redirect problem.


Ayyy, my top 10 anime that I’ve seen are:

  1. Sword Art Online s1/s2
  2. Kakegurui
  3. Classroom of the Elites
  4. Princess Principal
  5. Accel World
  6. Konosuba s1/s2
  7. Aho girl
  8. Black Bullet
  9. Oreimo
  10. Cardcaptor Sakura


Yes its working fine now even though funimation sued it .it is still there all will be there along with other sites


I use an app called KSAnime on my Android phone, basically, it’s a mobile version of kissanime and runs very smooth, no annoying popup ads.


I have watched almost all
Action/romance/ecchi/thriller/fantasy/seinen/shoujo categories almost all things i have watched now


New ones i started watching yesterday


lol Gal is funny and I love how the streamer girl got exposed. Tsurezure Children is cute and i’ts a “Romantic Comedy”

Hello, I'm new. (To these forums.)

Moreover fall is coming and lot of awesome anime next seasons r gonna be aired i cant wait lol


This one is at top place this month its got lot of fan base sgud i watch this one?


Hell yeah its gambling but way more insane than you think. I’ve read the manga of it and it’s pretty good. The opening of this anime is the best.


I will not lie this one i liking a lot this season lol mc have everytging almost everything from a to z lol


In btw got episode got leaked if anyone watch it:3


Is it working on kodi? You have kodi?


No i watch on mobile browser and download episodes or rarely watch on laptop online


A typical comment section u see daily thats why all anime sites say not to read them lol

Never read comments much lol ur head will start going blank and ur imagination may begin expand xd… :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyone watch Hunter x Hunter?