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You have a dead spot on range 2 - if you find a magma recoiler (or any other recoiler) i would put that on your mech.

I cannever find it tho thats the problem how do i get it? i have base disabled btw

Just keep farming the highest boss-mission that your mech can reliably handle in automatic mode. On Boss Missions, you sometimes get Fortune Boxes which can occasionally give you epic or even legendary items. And if you have spare gold, buy silver boxes - sometimes, they contain epic items, too.

I’d say yes. But also I’m not sure if you need all of those 3 unlimited use weapons on that mech. You already have a CL and a sav so it seems kinda redundant to have another weapon with very similar range. Also, vandal’s rage is used mainly for boiler builds, and sav and cl do a lot more heat dmg than a dawnblaze. It’s up to u of course, there are lots of other directions u can go with the build. For example, tossing on a repulsor for a quick fix to the range 2 hole could be a temporary situation, but there r lots of things u can do with it. Also, sweet mod :wink: I dont know a whole lot of people that run legacy mods still.

Yea I’m getting a second CL to Legendary before I stick it in the place of the dawnblaze and the legacy module is better than other stuff i got now :slight_smile:

meh ish boiler for you

hmmmm ok but I have firefly as well : /

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nemo* and murmur are for boilers


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Got my CL to legend

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Wait, How and why am i tagged for a topic in here twice?

Where were you tagged?

I dont know, i have never made any of the topics you linked but i got pings saying my topic was tagged, im confused

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my thing is outdated?


I’d say it could be here…? I’m noot sure though

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Also, please add why Trading is a bad idea…spare us some time…


Will do, its quite late over here but I’ll add it in the morning Clever. If you have any input on it, let me know.

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You’re right, I just put it there because it was written some time ago, but all information there is still valid - my bad!


In response to your earlier question, here you go :slight_smile:


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