FOAT Contest - September 12 2020

FOAT Contest = Fanciest Of All Time Contest


The contest’s purpose will be for users to try to create the most fashionable/fanciest mechs they can make. There will be a 3x mech contest and a 1x mech contest.

An example of a fashionable mech lineup may be:


-The contest will have 5 judges (not allowed in the contest).
-Legacy items are allowed.
-Photoshop/editing is not allowed.
-Mechs are judged by how “cool” they look.
-1 submission allowed for 1x mech contest and 1 submission allowed for 3x mech contest.


You must send your screenshot(s) for 1x mech contest and 3x mech contest to @Pavic by Saturday, September 12th 2020 10:00am eastern time.

Winner’s Prize:

-Premium Pack
-Forum Title

Are you interested in creating a FOAT Contest?!

  • Yes
  • No

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Proposed Rules:

-Mechs must be built in-game (no photoshop, etc.)
-Mechs must have some sense of visual appeal
-Mechs needs to be playable (although not good) - so weight limits apply
-Needs at least 3 judges, of an odd amount to prevent ties (I also want to win, so I will not judge!)

Because I only only have 1 mech with full paint, I would like to have a 1x mech fashion show. We could have 3 separate FOATs (1x 2x 3x) and choose 1 winner from each. Winner of 3x would be the overall winner and get the perk.


This one is built in game! (are memes allowed)


Must be real/usable mech with no photoshop/editing/misleading graphics. So to be clear, it should be something you can make and not edit, etc.

If so, then yes you may use that :slight_smile:

Don’t know about the perk, someone have to make it and i doubt devs feel like it lol.

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They could probably ask someone from the fanart thread




Let’s hold off on submissions now. Let’s try to establish the baseline rules and see if we can improve/edit idea any further first!

Some further questions:

-How many entries should be allowed?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

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-How do we judge mechs?

  • By color matching (heat with red, physical with yellow, energy with blue).
  • By how “cool” it looks.
  • By how rare the items are.
  • Holistic (some combination of all of these)

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-How can we make this contest so more people can enter?


I feel like image editing should be allowed
how is somebody with no tokens for paint and no duplicate items gonna win if no editing?
Edit: someone who is like rank 20 could still make something like this

and then everybody is on an even playing field

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Well I feel like less people can edit than people that can just submit in-game mechs. Perhaps there can be another version of contest with editing allowed? I think similar to GOAT tournament, needs to be grounded in realistic characteristics of game?


i’am gonna try with my outfit for wedding and funeral


lol. Yes good - no entries just yet though! (save your secrets)

For strategy purposes, probably best not to post your mechs here, so no one can copy/improve on them :slight_smile:


1 entry

As I said before, we’ll have 3 separate FOATs. Create a poll with everyone’s entry for each FOAT and have people vote for their favorites, allow 3 votes, but no voting for your own mech.

Maybe announce it on your YouTube channel.

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Thanks. I edited post above to allow voting for some questions. Still need help on how to get more of community involved.

Edit: Perhaps SM YouTubers can help spread word so it reaches beyond forums?


Also, if this doesn’t work out you could (possibly) make a YouTube video out of the Mechs submitted.


Great idea!

Looks like Banshee time has come


LOL it looks like this XDScreenshot_2020-07-26-19-55-44-1


Could always be a GOAT perk, but painted with mystique paint xD