Floor Buffs Pros and Cons

I agree with @Rovolution However, his direct assumption to this being an external game changer is the wrong way to approach this. It was supposed to make you think in a more logical way. The way that you approach this is that you just hate it. However, as a heat user, I have to somewhat agree with @Rovolution’s proposition of him putting the answer as a big no

NO no no no no.
How could the game decide what kind of buffs appear in the arena?
It would be really fun when your opponent has three energy mechs while you have a phisical, an energy and a heat as well. Im pretty sure the arena would be full of energy buffs in this situation and you’d be destroyed badly.
Buffs would only makes sense if both mech have the same type of weapons so both of them could use the same buffs.


box premium 1% legendary luck for everything? it’s ridiculous

the players played since 2 years or more,Then I play 4 years I have right box 1%?? he should put 40% chance box
I have long year friends who have no good weapon,who want to join with us
at the level of the fight, it became very difficult it is not pleasant to play


Before you add anything else…
Could you guys continue Raid,improve the new clan interface and fix all the tons of bugs on the mobile version?
Thank you.


And also.
I’m against the floor buffs.
I’m si glad they were taken out and I,for instance,would be glad to never see them again.


I remember them, however I would only really like them if they changed every couple turns.
That way, you gotta move to stay at an advantage

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Floor buffs = Less actual tactics and more random dumb luck.
Those things were good riddance, bringing them back makes me wanna hurl…


Back then was a completely different game and I’m not sure how it would impact the current meta.

Pros back then:
Gave a chance for more strategy in the game. Being lazy and not working out the best distances could lose you a match up.
It also gave variety to the game as each time you faced someone anyone could win because of the pads

Way too random and favoured people too heavily in one direction. Eg. trapping someone on a negative resistance while you were on an extra heat damage.
They also were too effective. 33% more damage i believe is quite a lot. it meant you had to move their mech or move to an equal spot to even chance at beating their mechs.

If you were to bring this back:
It would be worth testing this feature amongst the community. Doesn’t need to be a month or anything, just a week or so to tweak it till it feels good and then over the first month its introduced tweak it also.
Increases by being on a pad should be max 25%
One thing that could make it better is after 2 turns of use on a pad it removes the pad? This way its strategy to use it but not boring for the other player.


Hello Jonny,

I think it’s not a good moment to bring any kind of buffs to the arena, because mechs are too strong and ending fights in 6 turns…

What we actually need is an large increase in the amount of HP of the mechs in general, and if needed, increase amount of uses of the weapons. I think this is the best thing to do before adding buffs in the arena…


I faced several opponents with an excess of 1000 HP with comparable weapons and equal energy/heat. The outcome of this battle is clear. Find time to maneuver to stand on the buff pedestal just once - a missed move will cause fatal damage.

for TS

Do not invent indistinct raids that duplicate the campaign, but do not give the choice of the mission, do not return the old methods in a completely different game conditions.

Put the game in order - eliminate glitches and errors and balance the parameters and characteristics.

Now the game is a race in an attempt to take advantage of the distortions in the characteristics to catch up with their subsequent correction with the introduction of new distortions. The matches of the arena just lifeless.


My idea for something similar to floor buffs that might work better in the current game is a new type of “mine layer” weapon.

You would fire it to leave a mine in a spot that would go off if a player lands on that spot.

Could be anything though really including a status effect that lasts several turns.

The idea though is a player would choose to use it as a tactic, rather than something random that ads more lopsidedness to fights, which as it stands can already be frustratingly decided just by who goes first or where you start.


What I realize now is that pads are slightly in favor of elementals.

Energy/Heat has an increase explosive damage, increase energy damage, regen, cooling, additional heat damage, additional energy drain, and resistance pads

Physical just has additional damage, resistance, cooling, and regen pad to use.

I still thinks it’s a good idea, though, as it will make fights more strategic.

IMO adding kits would be better.

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HP kits and energy regen kits maybebecause those could be more strategical than those stupid buffs. But big no if you mean the resistance kits.


Old version floor buff


I am absolutely fine with pads. Forces u to think differently, plan turns and predict opponent’s moves.

I liked them in the old version and i see them implemented in this one after some tweaks.


Thanks for the great response!

Did some floor buffs add to the gameplay and some just add frustration? Which ones did you like and which didn’t? Why?

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Pads are fine…


1)makes the game more strategic than just relying in their strong weapons
1)effect is too good, you’re devastated with heat weapons if the enemy is standing on a heat dmg pad

Overall I like pads,just some balances and It will be good

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They all added to the gameplay and the frustration. With the pads it always benefitted someone and made the other worse off.
Perhaps making the pads have a positive and negative effect could help?
eg. more heat/energy damage but less damage
more damage but require more heat and energy to use weapons
more damage but you lose some resistance.

One that used to really annoy me was if the setup of the arena was horrible and i ended up on a 0 resistance plate while they got on an extra heat damage plate… No chance to do anything.

Good plates from memory that i didnt mind: regen plate, resistance plate when it wasnt in the corner and could be camped on, damage (back then fights took longer), cooling could be hit or miss depending on if I stood on it or the enemy… I actually cooled early when on them as it often made tactical advantage.

Its also worth pointing out as others have that due to Leg-myth plates being so hard to get that their are a lot less turns currently and therefore any pads introduced would have an even larger effect now due to this lack of HP.


Now it seems like you already have the idea which you are trying to sell us by Elcent. Who is your inside man. And make it look like that the decision happenned here.

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