Floor Buffs Pros and Cons

Hi Pilots!

A few months ago, we removed floor buffs from arena battles in the game. We did that mainly because of feedback from the community.
Our question to you, if you played the game when they were active, is this - what did you like about them? What didn’t you like about them?

Looking forward to hearing from your experience :slight_smile:


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What did I like about them? The fact that they got removed.

What didn’t I like about them? Their existence.

Not very helpful but there, that’s the truth. :slight_smile:


Floor buffs?

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Hmmmm they gave us some “tactic” moves and

Can you explain why?

they did make you think and plan better.
It would be a nice twist to the game, and makes you think more.
I think they would be nice, since the game has become really borin now… it is just press button, press button…press kill button.
I say go for it @jonny.


If you want to add the floor buffs back, I have a topic from the old forums (written by Fluffeh) that gives off a good way of implementing them, let me find it first.


There it is.

Oh, and floor buffs tucked in the corner is a straight up no-no.


I liked to go on the damage floor buff and wreck my opponents. What I don’t like about it was that you got easily wrecked by god modes who camp on the resistance nerf.

Do we have a choice ? We haven’t in any area of reloaded so why now? I am just going to assume those things are coming back and the players with garbage builds will now have a lucky chance to get a buff . Also it fostered corner sitting . Remember gabryn? Run right to the corner . Buffs were TERRIBLE! They gave lousy builders a chance where they would never have had one. Please DO NOT BRING THEM BACK


I apologize to gabryn for using his name as a corner sitter but he was the first that came to mind. Nice player that had an annoying style of fighting

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They add strategy to gameplay, but should be tweaked a bit, like in the post Fluxeon linked :smiley_cat:

Or here is a link to another idea somehow similar to Buff Pads:

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P.S. But I feel like it would be fairer if it applies to both players…^^

No i didnt , very big advantage/disadvantage.


tl;dr you might wanna check your pm


I think it would be really a very bad idea, especially for the newer players.

The use of the platforms would give an extra advantage to all those who have OP armament, that is, those who pay more.

And the ones who suffer the most are noobs, who don´t know how to use them. Remember that noob is not yet rooted by the game, so if you do hit they wildly by experienced people, noobs retire from the game and look for another.

It´s not a great idea at all and even less at this time where the “pairing” system is not working properly.


Just wondering, what if they don’t spawn to newbies ?

Like under rank 10-15, they won’t be part of the fight…

The problem is that the pairing system is not working well because there are few people who play.

I am rank 1 and I get very small people with epic mechs.

I also know a lot of people who are low because they get bored of the game itself and spend more in the chat, I understand them partly because it must be frustrating to be rank 13 and to fight with rank 11 or higher, lately I spend more in the chat so I say

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Well, they were nice in the past. And today, well…
Pros: It would help energy mechs, which would fix a huge problem (partly) about energy mechs everyone complains about.
Weaker player will play better.
The game would be more tactical and moving would have a reason for it’s existence.
It will be easy for veteran players to get used to them.
Cons: Stronger players become even stronger, without letting others succeed.
It may be hard for new players (that are here, but just for short) to get used to it.
They will be bad for veteran players that weren’t used to them even before super mechs reloaded.

That’s my opinion. So, what can you do about these cons: remove some types of floor buffs, add some new types of floor buffs, make some of them stronger and some if them weaker. These are just suggestions. Hope my opinion is helpful. :blush:

I definitely think that other problems have to be fixed, before thinking about the platforms.

At this time, they are not a good idea.

And the best thing that SM could do in the past was to remove them. They would have generated many problems today.


Ohhhhh! floor buffs. Yes I saw them in a picture even though I started playing supermechs efter it was removed. I think it may be a bit unfair? idk


Big no for me…

The game is still too unbalanced to implement something like that… Energy are too OP and heat too weak to have to deal with an outside factor…

When everything will be perfectly balanced, you may start to think about adding external game changer…

But for now, its a big no