Floor Buffs Feedback and future Playtest


sm history bout to repeat itself


I was for this, than I was against it. I think I even made a thread, long ago, about getting rid of them or was it to bring them back. Ohh well. I say no floor buff’s.

We already have the Arena Shop Buff. What more do we need. If there to be a physical, than it be unbalance. I remember the floor buff on physical was 50%.

Anyway, another downer to come.


If you’re looking to increase strategy,why not reintroduce kits back but in a more strategic way… [IDEA] New Items to Increase Strategy and Tactics

These, as described, would be superior to floor buffs as they would be dependant on player Mech design (more strategy-based), rather than purely environment (more luck-based)

Would love to see these regardless

Hmmm… while this would be nice feature, there is a disturbing trend of being able to know too much about your opponent and matchup ahead of time… this gives rise to the current Meta of Counterbuilding (or Counterselecting)) where players build extreme countermechs and hope they select correctly, rather than building good, solid, balanced Mechs, good for all situations

I think the only way to fix this, is to eventually get 3v3 for the higher ranks… for this though, 3 things are needed

  • make all matchups, equal chance of winning for either side (ie. change Phys > Heat > Energy > Heat to Phys = Heat = Energy)
  • lower Legendary and Mythical boosting costs by 20%. Max Mything has become so cost-heavy and labor-intensive that it is extremely difficult to tinker with builds, let alone considering a fully functional 3rd Mech
  • Drastically increase Arena Pop as previously discussed to be able to support 3v3. This would include changes to the matchmaking system as well as significantly increasing incentive to play in the Arena

Yes, this please x :+1: :+1: :+1: 1,000,000 :+1: :+1: :+1:


Bloody nonsense, you barely touch the stats of the items even when you see the item is too overused / underused.

Don’t come up with “We are looking into weapon balancing”, leave me with the power of changing item stats and I can do better than you done in the last 12 months, any of us can.

All I see are lies.


It’s another decision taken out of the player base hands . Seems par for the course .


Too much opinions… Great! They will do it anyway! So why they ask for opinion?


what is floor buffs even


Read first post for explanation.


I vote Killin to be Tacticsoft’s new Minister of Balance :grinning:

Actually, perhaps we can create one specific forum thread, and come up with a consensus 10 specific balance suggestions to put forward to the team for detailed review and possible incorporation into the game



They are small platforms placed on the floor of the battlefield.

If your mech stood on one of those platforms, some things could happen. Sometimes there were good platforms that gave you advantages, such as increased resistance, damage, more cooling, etc. Other times they gave you disadvantages.

In the end they were removed because there were people who said that the luck factor entered here again. So, an inexperienced player could beat another more experienced player, just for having fallen on a good platform.

On the contrary, there were players who tried very hard to reach the top and sometimes lost the last day because of one of these platforms.

So they removed them. Platforms really complicated the game. And now they want to bring them again! It doesn´t seem like good news.

The ones who suffer most with these platforms are the new players, who don´t even know what each of them is for. Not everything is buff. There are good and there are bad.


Mohabid saied they would be introduced to ranks 15 or 10 and higher…

It wouldn’t be new players that will suffer the most, but the one that didn’t know them…


It doesn´t matter what rank you are in. When you reach the rank of 15 or 10 or whatever, and you come across this, it will be new for you anyway!

I had 1 year on the game, I was in the high ranks and I had trouble handling this! Are not good!


soo when we gonna have them added in game?


Hopefully never?


Just for fun they should add it… IN FRIENDLY MATCHES


maybe,maybe but the question is,when?


Add em… Make the game worse


Bring it, im on them wheelchairs


First, thank you for the effort @Mohadib. I still think this idea is bad and this is why:

Players who use range affecting weapons (push or pull) will be able to maneuver opponents onto or off of floor buffs. Players who do not use range affecting weapons will be at a constant disadvantage.

Please consider alternatives. Why devs are so obsessed with such a hated game alteration is beyond me. There are so many other game features that could be helped.:man_shrugging:



Well said lanni. Maybe