Floor Buffs Feedback and future Playtest


Thanks for all of the feedback, and for keeping it mostly on topic.

I’ll try to clarify a few things that were asked / stated:
1 - We want to try to bring back a more balanced version of the floor buffs because it can add a lot of variety to the game by rewarding players for correctly adapting to situations. Walking / Jumping sometimes becomes a good move because it helps you in the long run, but you need to consider your opponent being able to charge / harpoon you. But then you also might want to “conceal” your charge and harpoon and not use them early in the match. These type of in-match decisions are great for gameplay, and we feel they are a bit missing from the game. We know the previous version had issues, we are explicitly working to solve them.
2 - We prefer “Absolute” values rather than % values in order to be more archetype agnostic (if using %, some module setups would benefit / get hurt more than others, which we want to avoid)
3 - We acknowledge that even the proposed buffs might favor certain archetypes over others. The discussion about physical was very interesting - on the one hand, they use the claw the most, whose no-movement disadvantage will affect here. On the other hand, they also use charge and harpoon the most, which are strong tools to control the opponent’s position (and your own in the case of charge). The charge-sword combo essentially allows you to both move your opponent from a positive floor pad and finish the turn on it yourself. This will definitely be a strong tool. We might add heat and energy versions of charge. The playtest will tell us a lot.
4 - A few complaints about the old floor buffs were mentioned in this thread, as stated we are dealing with them:
A) If they will be introduced to ranked play, they will only appear in high levels (from 15 or 10)
B) They will be symmetric - if a floor buff appears on the left side of the map, the same floor buff will appear on the right side of the map (in the previous version, they weren’t necessarily the same buff, so one side could get a positive effect and the other would get a negative effect. This will not happen anymore).
C) They will not focus on a single element - the resist pads will affect all resists, and we will not affect heat or energy with them as we feel they will affect different mechs in different ways.
5 - We believe that the new version of floor buffs will bring variety in the form of interesting in-match decision making rather than luck. We are also considering adding a preview of the battlefield to the “pick mechs” stage, to let the players pick their mechs based on the floor pads as well.
6 - The properties and values are not final. We will see how the playtest plays out. We will update you when we have a final date for it (then it will appear in private friendly battles, not in ranked play).


Only one way to find out if they’re good or not. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the clarity.


Hi there,

Thanks for taking the time to explain all that. But dude, please, just NO. Resounding NO!

Why don’t you just fix the broken things first?

Also, why has physical been so indirectly nerfed recently?

Physical has no extra features like drain and heating, but by nature is supposed to have higher damage output. This is no longer the case due to all the new phys resistances etc.

Also, it is now extremely hard to build a phys Mech that can counter energy. Requiring 6-7 energy mods to win a battle, essentially means the Mech can ONLY counter energy. Furthermore, it can’t even effectively battle energies even with all the energy mods because there is now no room for HP mods. Coupled with opponents having 144 phys res, you have made it quite ridiculous now.

Update energy module capacities please. Again, it’s ridiculous!

Also, there are hardly any players in arena. I’m very curious to know how you are going to address that. Adding those horrible floor pads is just going to make the situation worse. Without PvP this game is pure kak! Sort out the arena system. Reward players APPROPRIATELY and save what’s left of this game.

Seriously mate, you need to face reality with these issues.


“We believe” - Dude, why guess and think you’re right? Ask the players dammit. Look at the poles around here. Nobody wants this kak. Most players want decent items, and a fair chance at getting those items, in order to build interesting mechs that can kick azz in a conventional non-luck based fair fight. Players want to be proud of what they’ve built, and see their mechs perform as planned and get the satisfaction of having built something great and in some cases unique. I certainly don’t want that aspect to be influenced externally by some lucky pad.

And FYI, it’s not just physicals that use Claw and hook. Almost every archetype uses it in top ranks. Nobody can let go of the HP advantage and expect to survive in arena. You made the game that way with putting such a stupid item in it. Before Claw arena was much more interesting, and people moved around quite a bit. Nobody moves anymore because they can’t afford not to cause damage in an action point. Movement is reserved for extreme circumstances, or for ranging weapons, or avoiding them. Personally, as owner of 3 maxed Claws, I’d have no gripe if you got rid of it completely and gave us nothing in compensation.

Also, you need to recognize that the circumstances of the game have changed in respect to module capacities. The current values were fine until arena shop and other items and factors were introduced. The values are obsolete now. Introduce LM booster modules like the storage units. Double the capacities of the new boosters.

And lastly, FIX THE DAMN ARENA SYSTEM! It discourages play for top 20 players in its current form. People are protecting spots from even now these days. This inhibition for players to play is caused by your horrible ranking and points system. Will you ever pay attention to this?

I could go on and on and on about so many other things, but my blood pressure will just go up, so I’ll leave it at that for now.

Thanks for reading my rant.


The game is already too cluttered.
To the effect of the skill to add a point - to extinguish a fire with gasoline.
But it is the visibility of the discussion and everything has already been decided.

Muddy RAID, unclear algorithm of droping, drying of the arena, aimless Titans - all these moments put in order.






@Mohadib…and something else i forgot…

please remember that only you guys interested of money in this game, but the rest of us interested only in FUN…which means, if we have fun, we are even willing to pay for it…but without fun - as it is now - you guys are forcing us to play a non-fun game (of course i meant figuratively, so don’t come back with the answer "if you don’t like it, leave it…) which is the same feeling to us as it was building the pyramids for you guys back in egypt…remember that…


Oh no…
It looks like we’ll have those implemented…



The way you describe these make them sound very uninteresting. Seems like just a defensive spot to try and camp.

I still think one time-use , with a +10-15% to all attacks is the better and more interesting way to go

I do agree with Mr. E though… please do something to increase motivation to play Arena. Arena population is so low these days, typically less than 150 a lot of the time

  • either 1 Fortune Box for 10 wins
  • or 1 Arena Coin (2 on premium) for wins 6-10


A fortune box for ten wins would be nice!
Or maybe a fortune box every fifteen wins, so that you have a prolonged interest in playing arena. Lower ranked players would have the chance to upgrade their mechs faster, and high ranking players would be enticed to fight far more.


We don’t need floor buffs.

You want more interesting battles?Variety of tactics?
Buff the useless weapons that are gathering dust.


We are looking into weapon balancing regardless of floor buffs, but please keep this topic in the subject of discussing the pads.
We are going to do the playtest, but we will not add it to the ranked game unless we see that it affects the game in a positive way (adds strategy, does not create imbalance / luck).

[ULTIMATE BALANCE SURVEY] Players, Please tell the Devs which of these Specific Buffs for Underused Items you would Like to see in SuperMechs

This is what we wanted to hear!
Thank you, for working and listening with us!
Let’s make this game a positive balanced, and FUN game, with the potential it has.



Hi Mohadib,

I think my fellow players provided quite extensive feedbacks.
I will just mention one point. The claw, however balance killing it might be, also served to reduce the platinium/iron plate gap. By making movement mandatory, platinium plates owners will have a high incentive, considering the right set up, to get back on regular legs.
I myself actually left aside 2 claws in my set up to get back mobile this week. These 2 builds of mine outclass most claw builds hp wise. They do equip 3 platinium plates each and are mobile.
I have more HP than most claw builds
I have mobility
Floor pads would be a huge advantage for me i believe, hence widening the gap iron/platinium.
Please be carefull with these.
Good news is you are planing a test period prior to full scale implementation. Way to go.



@Mohadib as stated before, I am not against these floor buffs, IF they are very well balanced (low numbers, small advantages/disadvantages, I reapeat SMALL), BUT …

PLEASE fix first the current MAIN issues of this / your game …

  • Ranking System / Matchmaking needs a change

with current Arena Shop Bonuses + the 2v2, the luck-factor increase by a LOT, a fast guess, its now around double or even tripple, as it was before Arena Shop and 2v2 :exclamation:

Solution would be :

  • bring back 1v1 and 3v3

  • consider the matchmaking Rare vs Rare, Epic vs Epic, Legendary vs Legendary, Mythcal vs Mythical (as we had years back with levels on items)
    highest equiped item counts
    all PLAYERS will LOVE :sparkling_heart: this
    (just imagine how much lower items would be boosted :exclamation::exclamation::exclamation:)

  • LOWER the factor about losses, 1:16 is way to high (1 point for a win, -16 points for a loss, once you reached +145 points) and makes the players NOT to play, once they reached their own target about ranking :exclamation:

  • Energy Moduls needs a change

with the Arena Shop Bonus Energy is OP, no need to nerf them, BUT give the other types a realistic chance to win, even with 5-6 moduls its not possible to win vs so called “energy-trolls”

Solution would be :

  • change the numbers of the energy moduls, Heat and Energy works anyways different + I read so so so many players who still wonder why Heat and Energy moduls have the same numbers

  • Restistance against Phys

144 Physical Restistance + Arena Shop Bonuses (Heat and Energy has 2 * 20%) makes the Physical weaker and weaker, on long term, once all have all maxed at Arena Shop, Physical will be pretty useless

Solution would be :

  • Physical needs the equivalent drone to FaceShocker and HeatPoint

  • Physical needs also a Platinum Vest torso with 44 heat Res and 44 energy Res

anything else would be unfair :exclamation:

Thanks for reading :exclamation:

So yes, add the Floor Buffs (if really balanaced, low numbers, small advantages/disadvantages), but PLEASE fix first the 3 main issues at the moment :exclamation:




Yes increase energy modules capacity,the energy mechs will able to add more HP/resistance


Here’s my feedback (again :smiley_cat:):

Like @cousin_joe (I think) stated earlier, It would turn the arena into a somewhat King-of-the-Mountain…
Maybe not erase the pad after one use, but rather after let’s say, 2 turns after the first use of it, it would teleport to another location…(Or make it like a wandering sushi shop, moving around the arena each 1 or 2 turns

I can understand, but please be careful with numbers…in this current state of the game, even 1 more or less point of something could unbalance everything :smiley_cat:

First, not only Phys use Claws, I saw Energy and Heat use it too :smiley_cat:
Same apply to Charge and Hooks, but since you saied elemental charges are coming and elemental Hooks are already implemented, I’ll let this flow

Why not…I’m not for, but not against either…

Nice, but what I really want to see coming from you is: “If the playtest is not concluant, we won’t release this feature officially in Arena, neither in Ranked or Private matches.” :smiley_cat:


That’s good to hear :smile_cat:


Thanks for clarifying everything. Just a suggestion: I think battles need to last much longer for battles to fully run on strategy. The hp buff helped somewhat, but not as much as we need. But, the floor buffs look good.


Si quieren balancear el juego, primero quiten los items legacy, hablar de balancear el juego cuando no quitan algo que resta competitividad a los que ya no pueden conseguirlo es como soñar, promesas políticas, etc.