Floor Buffs Feedback and future Playtest


Nope, read, learn and see, no need to take anything :exclamation:



any floor buffs will just make matches more luck-based, no matter how neutral it may seem


I read, I saw, I read I saw, You lost, You lost, You lost, You lost.


You missed to learn, and it is/was not about to win, just a fact … whatever you try to do with it, it will stay as a fact :exclamation:



My argument that the suggested floor buffs advantage heat and energy over phys, is simply from looking at the post-HP perk arena shop addition. It clearly favored energy and heat over phys. Extra HP or res on a drained or heated up phys mech is useless. But the same HP or res added to an energy or heat mech is very advantageous.

Cooling and regen pads would help all types though. But it is stated that elemental pads would not be added.

There IS A CLEAR heat/energy archetype advantage from what has been suggested.

Again, physicals will suffer a clear disadvantage.

Almost the only scenario where the suggested pads give an archetype neutral buff is in like for like battles, I.e. Phys v phys or energy v energy etc.


My friend, why are you forever looking for the most complicated answer to things???

The solution is so damn simple: Delete The Claw!


Or nerf it or buff all other legs! Easy.


No matter if they re-add the floor buffs into the game or not, people will still whine about it.


These ideas I made, are from olden’ days.

To every number that you roasted, at least only 1-2 mechs will benefit from this pad. While the mechs that don’t benefit them, has other pads that benefits them instead of those.

To number 3 that you explained, I forgot to say that’s it completely random where to give. So you don’t know it’ll give it to the weak-ass common teleporter, or something that costs Energy even though they’re drained. Would be unfortunate if it’s a weapon that’s really strong i.e Mercy and Bunkshell.

Also it’s temporary, kick them out of place and gone.

To number 5 that you explained… You know, this floor buff back then was 20% right? So it was worse then.

And that sounds, like you hate Physical Arena Buffs for some reason.

To number 6, this is the only thing that will counter number 5 lol

To number 1, 2, 8 and 9, I guess it’s way too high. Probably -/+50 of Each Cap then -/+20 Cooling or Regen.

To number 10, it sounds like you’re just aiming for Phys mechs. Remember that they will also benefit from this right? Because any mech can literally go to this pad, like Energies and Heats.

Also this is temporary. Just move out, and the action point is back. And again it’s completely random where to remove.

Wait, what the heck did you just say lol. This will barely even disadvantage Phys mechs, because just like you said, “They have the highest damage output in the game”. Although Energy and Heats can break them though, especially if it is counters.

To number 12 you said, this will counter number 6.


Seems going with floor debuffs seems better, as they influence the match more evenly.
For instance, it would be kinda interesting to have floor pads that reduce uses but not permanently:
you know your enemy just has one more shot of spartan/supreme/valiant and push or pull him on the pad. So instead of two shots that turn he has to move to regain his last use.



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Also a bit off topic but I wish the devs would do something about the arena numbers…

I see 150 a lot of the time… if it’s busy, it might get up to 280ish

Wait times maybe 3-5 min

The fix is easy…

Give 1 fortune box for 10 wins

  • players can get the same thing grinding the campaign so why not boost arena numbers instead


7 am 2+ gmt time less than 100 players active lmao


A) and B)
NO !
If fixed values for Arena Shop’s boosts on HP and resistances are better than %age, on the battlefield, that’s the opposite…
Reduce by 50% the “true” resistance value (“true” resistance value is the resistance value before the Floor Pad appliance) is better than reducing by flat numbers…

C) Sounds interesting, maybe instead of a flat number for the repain value, it could be a percentage of max HP…BUT the repair value would be capped at a certain point (I mean, if the maximum repair is 150HP and the %age of MaxHP would repair 200HP, you’ll be healed by only 150HP)

My addition: why not making a HP-draining floor as debuff counterpart of the reapair tile ?
But the HP drained SHOULD scales on Max HP in that case :smiley_cat:


can I adress the besty vs the world meme even if its not strictly on topic?

I think michelle is inarticulate in expressing her thoughts, clumsy and direct. likeb any germanic person. and sure, her arguments take into account her personal perspective - but whose doesn’t? I don’t see her as any more or less biased than anyone. el metre and rovo are more likely to argue for a heat buff and a phys nerf and michelle is more likely to argue for a phys buff and a heat nerf. the true anser? there is no true answer. and no it doesnt lie in between. it lies wherever you believe it is because everything is subjective. but singling out michelle is ironically biased. noone can escape biasn in the same way noone cvan stop being themselves. thats life.

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If you want to make it more strategic and less “what parts you have” then start by fixing drop rates, then we can talk.


I am going to give a blunt answer and say NO! Please refer back to the threads all pointing to removal of floor buffs.


youve gotta love reiko.


May I refer to this:

It was hated in the past. It will be hated again. Why the fook is this being included again???!!!