Floor Buffs Feedback and future Playtest


Wow, great stuff (sarc) @Mohadib adding more trash mechanics to the game.

Arena system is broken. Modules are outdated. Luck reigns supreme. Arena population is almost non existent. 2v2 sucks azz! But don’t mind any of that, to hell with fixing it.

…Just add more trash so that the players forget about the lesser trash and scream at the worse trash. Like when you have a headache and pinch your arm really hard so you focus on the pinch pain instead of the headache. However, it’s just more pain.

Fix what’s broken you ‘geniuses’! Stop adding TRASH!


I get it pretty well :exclamation:

Its to give an advantage or disadvantage, therefor you need to think more about your moves :exclamation:
I played floor buffs so much, you can’t even imagine, so yes, I get it pretty well :exclamation:


But now, you need to think one step further … battle … Heat vs Energy … wow … 2 different types … thats not ok … come on try harder to find anything you can argument against me, you will not find … sorry :exclamation:

Thats what you think :wink:

Thank you :exclamation:



No he doesen’t.
You’re facing the smartest guy over there.


And why do ignore the part about the announcement?

But the best part is this:

You just proved yourself that you only try to seem smarter than others.
If you were as smart as you try to appear then you would have understood that “advantage to 2 types” is equal to “disadvantage against the 3rd type”.

And once again here is that part of Mohadib’s announcement:

To show the important bits:

So anything that will benefit heat AND energy will in turn counter physical only.
The exact thing that Mohadib announced they do NOT want the tiles to do.


I do not think I am the smartest.
But when someone writes that they know “what they are talking about” but completely ignores that the announcement for that topic has already stated that it is not going to be the way that that someone writes then how else can I see that as that someone trying to appear smarter than others instead of reading the announcement completely first?


I quite agree with you here. This will hugely disadvantage physicals. However, if there were cooling and regen pads, then this would help phys. HP and res buffs give the most benefit to energy and heat.


no no no

sense of them is to make arena matches more fun and strategical


Hey Clouded,

I definitely think you’re one of the smartest around here… What do you think of these ideas?

I’m tending to favor the one-time use idea


Cmon Cloudy,just accsept it :smile:
I know that you’re smartest on the forums.


You think correct about that :exclamation:

Yes I know for sure that …

And you try now with all and everything to talk against :exclamation:

OMG its not that hard to accept a fact and to admit that all your explanations, that it is not ok to have an advantage says exact the opposite from the intent of the floor buffs :exclamation:

The sense of the floor buffs is to give an advantage or disadvantage, therefor you need to think more about your moves :exclamation:

Thats all I said :exclamation:



Not without consequinces!!!
Eat cake!!!
Marie Antoniet
Ps : please understand sarcasm,mate!


I think you’re misunderstanding him here Besty…

It is inherent that the floor pads provide an advantage or disadvantage.

  • That, no one questions.

What Clouded is talking about, is in direct refererence to Mohadib’s opening statement:

He is looking at whether the different type of floor pads suggested have any greater advantage for any specific archetype and I believe he gives a very good assessment of this.

  • What might on the surface seem even, actually does favor one of Heat/Phys/Energy archetypes more than the other



My question, where I gave him the correct answer about, so he need not to think to long about …


After that he tried to say … of course with a lot of words … that this is not correct, BUT it is, as yourself say also :exclamation:

Sometimes a simple “Yes” would safe a lot of time :exclamation:

Like ONLY his …


I just saw that he tried to give all (types & players) the same advantage and disadvantage :exclamation:

But that is simple against logic, if all have the same, no-one has any :exclamation:



I think you’re missing the point

System 1: +50 Heat Resist Pad

System 2: +100 HP Pad

In System 1, in certain matchups, the fact that the floor pad has Heat resist, this itself will significantly alter the outcome of the game (eg. Phys on the pad vs a Heat mech)

In System 2, the benefit is roughly the same for all Mechs no matter the matchup (The HP benefit favors all Mechs on the pad equally regardless of the opponent)

We would prefer pads like System 2, where it doesn’t matter what the matchup is, the pad benefits all archetypes roughly equally

Personally, I think the most fair types of pads would be +100HP, +10% all-damage (Phys, Heat, Expl, Energy, Elec), with particular consideration to having them be one-time use (then they respawn elsewhere, reduces camping pads which was an issue before)


Exactly, and because floor buffs are meant to GIVE an advantage or disadvantage, it make NO SENSE to discuss about taking away the advantage or disadvantage factor from floor buffs :exclamation:

The question is more you want them, yes or no :exclamation:

BUT maybe it would be better anyways instead of floor buffs the drops like they are in battlemechs :exclamation:

But so that you need 1 turn point to get them … so everyone need to decide …

  • will I go for the drop-advantage


  • should I use this turn for regular damage


Just an idea :exclamation:


Not altogether against it, but it really should be type free buffs. Any other way the matches would be influenced to much by the floor buff.


Look, I gave you a :heart:

Yes, the drop-advantage of BattleMechs is nice (if it drops at specific pre-set locations, not totally random), but I think the floor pad idea is better and more appropriate for SuperMechs. Specific spawns at game start, and then possibly a re-spawn 1-2 turns later (on one side of map only)


You took ONE of my sentences out of context and replied to it.
If you read the WHOLE comment then you would have noticed that that ONE sentence was meant in the context of not advantaging or disadvantaging a single mech type.

Yet you ignore that fact and go on the “I am perfect, I make no mistakes. So the others are wrong” attitude again.
Well, unfortunately it seems all help is too late in your case.

As such I give up on you and therefore any discussion with you from now on.
I have met a person like you in real life once at work.
That person could not accept any mistake pointed out and blamed others saying it was someone else’s fault even though our system registers who does what and when and saves that information.
You are the exact same type of person.
So discussing with you is useless.
As you truly believe having no faults yourself you will never admit an error even if your life depends on it.

P.S.: Don’t even bother replying to this.
As I just wrote I will not attempt to make the impossible possible anymore and have you recognize your own faults.


Thats the point, I read the WHOLE thing, and the more I read, the more I saw its against the logic/sence from floor buffs :exclamation:


Do you know that very very very often, when someone complain about other persons (also here you see who is right, starting going against a person instead of the content says a lot), it is a “thing” which yourself have :exclamation:

Think about it, read about it, you will figure out something new :exclamation:


P.S.: trying to search here …

… a mistake is pretty funny and shows defently your real intent :exclamation:


Besty just take the L