Floor Buffs Feedback and future Playtest


Yesss please kill the claw

Unless if I get one. If I get one then please don’t okthx


Alright, I want buffs back. It was a fun random factor in the legacy version. However, I don’t want super OP buffs that make you extremely difficult to kill. Only issue.


Hey you just joined.


No hacen falta beneficios con los pisos, solo razones para dudar el siguiente movimiento XD!

  • -The floor explodes, causing 200 physical damage.
  • -100 damage Heat/Physic/Energy
  • -100 regen energy
  • -100 cooling heat

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What I think is that the players who have The Claw are the least able to move and therefore would be the most disadvantaged and… being the phys who most use Claw, this doesn´t seem good change for phys.

Those who carry legs that have no movement, can move others a bit, but have little opportunity to move by themselves.

The 2x2 put into play the factor “luck” on the game, the existence of the floors could increase this factor “luck”. And the “luck” is not good in a competition game. On competition, counts experience, strategy, skill and equipment, but chance should be left out or play a very insignificant role in any competition.

Energy and heat can work acceptably without Claw, but phys without Claw gets very complicated! The high ranges are those that will suffer most with the floors, or those players who haven´t platinum and who only have The Claw to be a little more competitive.

Honestly, it doesn´t seem good to bring to the present some characteristics from the past, because at the past the game was different and there were no items that exist today, like these legs that cannot move and that are a fundamental item on the game now.


I love the idea of bring back floor pads…

but everyspot should have different pad with purpose…last time only few had pad maybe 3 or 4

Also res kits and hp kit was pretty fun IMHO


Yeah, got bored whilst letting computer play campaign. What’s up?


Doing well.

How about you?


Managing I guess.


Dang it, I’ve met yesterday and day before player with legacy top heat weapon energy free and 2 push, I’m combo with desolation it was so damn annoying and impossible to win, idk if 2 push/pull weps are good idea, or at least don’t make then L-M or OP


Yeah IMO they could still be a thing.

But it causes so much hate in the arena though.


Lmao the public are so fickle.

They cheered the day the wretched things were removed and now they cheer their return. Get rid of them again in about a year just for grins and I’ll bet you my left nipple they cheer that time too.

Some positivity is nice for a change though so whatever.


People that want them won’t get it ingame then will want them removed as soon as it gets used on them.


To no. 1 and no. 2:
They disadvantage energy or heat respectively as the ones benefitting from them are those of the other types.

  • 120 more energy cap means that an energy mech will have to drain 120 more energy before the opponent is energy broken.
  • +50 Cooling means that a heater mech will have to heat up the opponent by 100 more heat EVERY round to keep the opponent inm shutdown.

So no. 1 and no. 2 are already OUT for disadvantaging some types of mechs.

To no. 3:
That additional action would give an advantage to physical mechs the most as they are the ones with powerful attacks in exchange for limited uses like Mercy, Annihilation, Nightfall and Spartan.
So while there are energy and heat weapons with limited actions, too, that is not as decisive of useful for them as for physical mechs.
E.g.: Energy vs. Physical
The energy mech first needs to force an Energy Break on the physical mech and then survive the combined attack power of charge, hook and Annihilation of Mercy.
The only way to survive against a physical mech with decent energy stats is to outlast the uses of the energy free weapons.
With 1 additional action for those energy-free weapons an energy mech basically has almost no chance unless the opponent has built a physical mech without decent energy stats at all.
So no. 3 is also out of the question.

To no. 5:
That is absolutely UNFAIR!!! Physical mechs deal far more damage than either energy or especially heat. So an increase by 15% of that means a HUGE advantage for physical mechs.
Hence no. 5 is also out of the question.

To no. 6:
That will basically only serve heat or energy mechs and disadvantage physical mechs.
So that is also out of the question.

To no. 8 and no. 9:
The exact same just exactly backwards as to no. 1 and 2.
Heat or energy will respectively be highly advantaged (in most cases) by these while physicals will only suffer losses.
There are only a few exceptions that will disavantage energy or heat by those like an energy mech having its energy reduced below EMP costs from that after being pulled or pushed by the opponent.
So no. 8 and no. 9 are also out of the question.

To no. 10:
Nope, just nope. It will hit the physical mechs the hardest by losing 1 action from all their usually used weapons.
So this is also out of the question.

To no. 11:
That change would disadvantage physical mechs far more than heat or energy mechs because their damage is higher than either heat or energy.

To no. 12:
That would disadvantage heat and energy respectively while phyicals would not lose anything.
So this is also out of the question.

The only suggestions that do not seem to have a clear advantage or disadvantage yet are no. 4 (-10 weapon costs) and no. 7 (+10 weapon costs).

Everything else is not balanced at all and therefore not acceptable.


You know that the point of the floor buffs is to have an advantage or disadvantage :interrobang:

Thats the sense of them :exclamation:




Yes, but it is not supposed to give them an advantage that other mech types could not also make use of in equal quantity.
E.g.: +50 cooling would give far more of an advantage to a mech with not so good cooling stats than it would give to a heat mech with good cooling stats.
The heat mech might lose the ability to shut down the opponent due to this floor tile while itself would never get that much use of the additional cooling itself because of its own high cooling from the beginning.

So what I meant is about giving advantage or disadvantage to one type of mech entirely compared to other types like giving an advantage mostly only to physicals or giving a disadvantage mostly to physicals.

Among those suggestions only the firing costs increase or reduction have no clear advanatage or disadvantage for any type of mech.

  • Firing costs usually go above 10 (at least for the strong myth weapons) so it will not turn weapons into energy free weapons that would disdvantage energy mechs
  • Cutting heat costs by 10 will mostly not affect the overheating done by heat mechs as they mostly aim to overheat the opponent with the heat damage from their attacks and not the heat costs of the opponent’s weapons. You aim for shutdown after all where the opponent cannot use any of his weapons anyway.


Glad to see there is a big change of opinion to a year ago when everyone was anti the floor buffs and can see a lot of thought going into make them fair for all and add strategy to the game. Was personally annoyed they got removed but can understand why they did.

My suggestions for now is make them rank dependant, don’t want a rank 25 getting a +50 anything really…



To A)
+50 to all restistances will greatly disadvantage heat mechs because their explosive damage is far lower than the damage the other types can get.
Physicals can deal great damage from the beginning while energy mechs can supplement their electric damage with their drain damage once they drain the opponent dry.
But heat mechs cannot increase their damage in any way in addition to having low explosive damage.
So they will suffer a huge disadvantage as it often comes down to destroying the opponent before he can leave shutdown and return fire.
With those additional 50 resistance against explosive damage that will prove fatal in these matches against the time for the heta mechs.

P.S.: There is no problem with the counterpart B of -50 to all resistance types because a player will avoid those types anyway and needs to be pushed or pulled onto it.
So you would leave that tile a turn afterwards.
But a player would definitely try to stay on the +50 resistance tile from A.


If it would be meant to be equal quantity, they would make no sense :exclamation:

Again …

  • the sense of them IS to give an advantage or disadvantage :exclamation:



You do not get the intention of those floor tiles.
They are supposed to give advantage or disadvantage equally to all types and NOT to any type more than the others.

Read @Mohadib’s announcement for once instead of pretending to be smarter than others.
There is this written in the announcement: