Floor Buffs Feedback and future Playtest


L4K3, you make a poll instead. I’m ready to vote.


Vote for the options you want.

  • +50 resist
  • -50 resist
  • 100 hp regen
  • Different values might work
  • Floor buffs are a bad idea

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The best idea. :bowing_man:


Do you want this?

  • No,I don’t want the floor buffs to be added.
  • Yes,I want them to be added.

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You should change the option to just yes and no… you’d probably get the achievement :grin:




Getting 25 (or so) identical answers on a poll with just ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers gets you an achievement.

Although some weirdo just messed that up… oh well.


Meh,forget it.
I can’t edit it anymore.


Why it would be help only for Physical :question::question::question:

Please explain :exclamation:



@Tacticsoft, I want to be fighting, not dancing around. This is what it sounds like.

The Game’s Strategies:

  • Rock–paper–scissors: For strategic elements, fine.

  • Russian roulette: For mechs’ lineup picks during PvP matches, ugh.

  • Now, king of the hill: For God’s sake, no!


It’s possible to push or get him away from that platform


@HappyPoppers has crazy stories about the pads in the past.


@Fluxeon and @wlwg loved them a lot :exclamation:




Hmmm, my initial instinct is no, but I do see some potential in this if done right…

  • I believe the game should reward mobility more
  • I don’t really like the idea of players camping a spot
  • I don’t like the idea of pushing your enemy onto a beneficial square

Some things to consider then…

  • Moving platforms (start in one location and predictably move (like 2 treadmills on either side, with platforms moving toward the middle (or edge) of the map - think conveyor belt sushi :grinning: )
  • Attack benefit platforms: Like All Damage +10% (Phys, Elec, Expl, Energy and Heat)
  • Do not add in the plus resist platforms (especially if platforms maintain position). This is too campable and kinda boring. I’d say +100HP and +10% All Damage would be more interesting Platforms (without being OP)

In the end, more mobile Mechs should get the advantage over Claws and less mobile Mechs

another suggestion would be to make the platforms a bit stronger, like +15% all-damage and +150 HP, but make them all one-time use, with new platforms appearing after one is used


Hey pilots we ran out of new ideas that you hate so we are bringing back old ideas you hate . Cheers… Don’t forget the Spend money


I am not sure how I feel about this…
The floor buffs might be a bit…
Idk I don’t think I am going to like them.


Floor buffs sucked before and they will suck again .


My only problem is this: Imagine A man with dual nightfalls. The mechs start at range 1. He jumps backwords onto a fortunately placed floor pad that gives hism extra resistance, while he also has the advantage of the nightfalls. Luck things like this could happen pretty often.


This will be good for people without claws (like me) verse people who does have claws (not me)

Although, I don’t like the idea, it will maybe help non claw users a bit


Yes, please do the testing thing- and announce when. This has the potential to shake up the game in many different ways- give all players a chance to decide if they want this.

I can only imagine how this will affect the claw