Floor Buffs Feedback and future Playtest


Yes , exactly bro , the game used to be great , Why the hell did they remove 1vs1 on 15 ranks and above ?? , And why the hell also did they remove items shop , Now there are boxes , and the chances are 99% you’ll get shit stuff 1% you’ll get shit stuff , COMMON SHIT , To be honest i miss the items shop , we just used to buy stuff rather then buying boxes , which

are 99% you’ll get shit stuff 1% you’ll get


some weapons are a bit too strong

this is often false start

it prevents well plays.
leg claw at 860 hp was really too much, often loss equilibrium

and of course still same problem hp 145 against 315 hp

all boss of the clan need something more comfortable


Great points!
Will try to address them one by one:

  1. Smart players won’t push their opponents into a res platform by accident. They know the range of their weapons and their push abilities, they can control the position of them and their opponent. We might add push-2 and pull-2 weapons (other than the hammers) in the future to give more range controlling tools.
  2. Why do you say so? There are weapons that push and pull the opponent. Things like push opponent on action 1, charge on action 2 or charge on action 1, sword on action 2 to “take” their positive platform become more interesting strategies.
  3. This is an interesting point - the ratio between positive and negative platforms will affect balance, we will need to balance it carefully.
  4. Our goal is to create a balance where it will sometimes be worth it to use an action point and sometimes not. Charge and hook are both 1-use weapons, and not everyone equips both.
  5. This will definitely not affect ranked play before the playtest.


Why you never consider or talk about with us to bring back “old” matchmaking system … like now it would be …

Rare vs Rare

Epic vs Epic

Legendary vs Legendary

Mythical vs Mythical

…as it was years back with the levels on every item :exclamation:

Highest equiped items counts :exclamation:


Thats would be real …

Thats a good thing and idea :exclamation:


Thats way to much / to high … :interrobang:
WHY you change/take ALWAYS so so so high numbers, instead invent “new” things carefully with LOW changes / numbers …

+25 Resistance

-25 Resistance

+50 HP

… would be even MUCH :exclamation:



Hey Mohadib.
I was asking if you have any plans about SMALL heat buff.


Oh no…He really wants to add this…
All players,prepare to quit.
Floor Buffs are going back into the game to ruin our time.


Floor buffs?
From pre reloaded?


Now,if even Besty agrees with the idea,they’ll surely add it.
After all,the #1 player and a HTK member wants it,so the game will give it to them.


Oh you know how it will go?
Pure death for us.


Especially with the current game’s state, the floor pads will be a disaster.
Imagine a mech with 100+ resistance standing on a resistance floor pad.

Say goodbye to your weapon uses, people.


It is not by accident.
Some use push to get out of the range of a dual spartan/NF/Magmas shot(as an example) that would be devasteting, so they equip 2 push wepons to do that(sometimes even the disolve thing with 3 push). Basicly that is their whole strategy, to force the other use one action point to get back into range, and for Heat,the push wepons are the only ones that actualy deal dmg(so it is like their bred and butter).
But with this now, they will be slightly hindered into comboing that.
Oponent in range 3, you can combo abomination and supreme, to push him to 5(out of NF range), but if you do you land him on pratform, so what do you do?

This i like alot. That will really add strategy, like a push 2, pull 1, to get you oponent where you want, excelent.

This is phis strategy. Most other types dont pack a charge, since they dont need it, and it doesnt sinergy with their Type. If there were to be some 'electri/heat ’ charges, this myght actualy be very very nice and strategic.

Phis does, is their bred and butter. Others sometimes equip hook, because it has elemental type dmg.

We should really organise something like the Auto-testers thing, to see how it would look.
You know the old say, try try try, i think we could really learn more by actualy trying it on.



All and everything I read from you “bad bad bad Phys” “weak weak weak Heat” :exclamation:

The floor buffs will be the same for ALL players and types :exclamation:

But of course you managed to talk against, because you use push push push strategy all the time, not all is about you and your “weak” “weak” “weak” Heat :exclamation:

@Mohadib explained it correct :exclamation:




Let him have his opinion ffs.


you now offer direct text to abandon claws. and to refuse heat (the only class with the problem of attraction)
I really do not like this idea!

regular help to the physical class.

@Mohadib why do you hate heat?


Although I personally think these floor buffs are a bad idea (reference L4K3, Lord Gorgon, El Metre etc. to know why), I’m glad to see communication and testing happen before something this game-changing. Thank you @Mohadib and devs, keep it up!


It would be a great idea… But not +50/-50 resistance, it’s exagerate.


We’ll all go through this disaster :slight_smile:

Please,could you make a poll so we see the people’s opinions more clearly?
Because,from what I see,most of us would hate this being implemented.


You think it’d be a great idea?
I think you joined after #Reloaded happened,right?
Some of us played through that time and most of us hated it for pretty clear reasons.


but do you know why? because there is not enough weight, I’m not physical, and I can not put all the modules and hook / charge, I limited myself to just teleporting I have 998kg
Can you advise me to take off my weapons and die only when I see the enemy? sarcasm


Well I was in Legacy when I was 12 … I guess I was not very smart.