Floor Buffs Feedback and future Playtest


Hi Pilots,

We are always looking to make the battles in Super Mechs more interesting and strategic. We discussed how we wanted to make the range and movement aspects of the game deeper, and we are still working on it.

A few months ago we asked you why you didn’t like floor buffs the way they were in the game.

After looking at their design and reading the comments in the discussion, we summed it up to these points:

  1. They add luck to the game by randomly favoring certain archetypes over others (for example, more heat damage favors heat builds, etc)

  2. They add inconsistency by being a negative effect to some mechs but positive effect to others (for example, “no resistance” was bad for mechs with resistance modules, but actually good for mechs with the old ‘God Mode’ torso as it had negative resistance)

  3. In some cases they made matches much shorter and there wasn’t time to adapt or react

So, we are looking to bring them back, but with the following design principles:

  1. Be as “archetype agnostic” as possible so they don’t serve as a buff or counter to one archetype only (examples : heat damage, energy regen)

  2. Be 100% symmetric (same position and effect on both sides of the field). Only one type of floor buff will be active in a single match.

  3. Be consistently positive or consistently negative (to avoid the situation where one player benefits from being on them and one player loses)

So, we are thinking of the following floor buffs for the first iteration of the feature:

A) +50 to all 3 resistance types

B) -50 to all 3 resistance types

C) Regenerate 100 HP at end of turn

If released, they will only be available from a specific rank (either 15 or 10), and will never spawn in corners or in the mech’s starting position.

Before releasing the feature, in about 2-3 weeks we will test it by enabling it only for friendly matches for a certain period of time, allowing us to collect feedback and tweak the numbers before proceeding.

We wanted to hear your thoughts before running this playtest. What do you think? Are there any other floor buffs you would like so see in the game?


No matter what the floor buffs are going to be it’s always a fight for the floor buff. Then you camp that floor buff and you’re out of range for your weapons.


This is actually kind of cool I should say, but can you test it with different players?

Also nice ideas, and here are my floor buffs ideas :

  1. +120 Energy / Heat Cap

  2. +50 Regen / Cooling

  3. +1 Use for all weapons with uses

  4. -10 Weapon Costs

  5. +15% Physical / Electric / Explosive Damage

  6. +15% Energy / Heat Damage

  7. +10 Weapon Costs

  8. -120 Energy / Heat Cap

  9. -50 Regen / Cooling

  10. -1 Use for all weapons with uses, except 1 Use weapons.

  11. -15% Physical / Electric / Explosive Damage

  12. -15% Energy / Heat Damage


Nice bring them back they will be a nice addition


Mind changed, let’s not.


Please stop they may be a nice addition


That’s fair lol

+/-100 Cap is acceptable though, so let’s try that.

+/-40 Regen / Cooling is acceptable no?

What? How can you tone this down a bit more? It’s perfectly fine. It’s just +1 Extra use inside a floor pad.

But there will be an interesting mechanic to this one, there’s only 1 Extra use in this pad, which means use that extra use and, it’s gone. The pad will now be useless after being used.

Texture will be is if it still has a use inside, it’s gonna light up. If already used, it’s going to dim.

You know, back then it was +20% right?


Keep in mind, nothing related to specific types will be accepted, only general buffs/nerfs, so nothing related to energy/heat, regen/cooling


un drone físico no use energía podría ser


Oh, then keeps these.

  1. +1 Use for all weapons with uses

  2. -1 Use for all weapons with uses, except 1 Use weapons.

  3. +10 Weapon Costs

  4. -10 Weapon Costs

I know Weapon Costs are related to Energy/Heat, but this will bring excitement out of the game… Maybe.


damnen…o.o i feel alfraid for me heat mech…


I guess it will increase strategy. Let’s see how it plays out.


This is going to be a very bad thing.

  1. At 115-145 res for a counter mech, landing after beeing pushed onto a +50 res… will assure a certain win for the counter.
    1.1 imagine shooting a heat wepon like CL/dawnblaze/savagery against 155 resistance… you will deal 10-40 dmg? Drone will deal 1 dmg…
  2. It will encourage player to hold their ground and shoot like monkeys.
  3. The Energy and Heat players that rely on push tactics to push oponents out of range will be at a disadvantage, since they can push the oponent onto a benefical platform(2/3 chances that platform is benefical, +50 res, +100 hp/turn). Thus providing buffs to the oponent.
  4. It will not make the game more dinamic, it will just be another luck factor.Nobody will lose a action point just to sit on the platform.Plus utilities charge and hook, simply counter such a thing.
  5. They were bad in the past, they will be worse in the future.
    If you really want this feature in your game, test it properly, i mean really test it like with the Auto-pilot. And test it with really unbiased players that have experience in the game.



what @El_Metre said here is right…


Well, I’m no expert, so I’ll just say that it is good.


No,don’t add them.
They’ll only make our forced 2v2 that nobody wanted in the first place even worse!


So that people with 100+ resistance (and +40% Arena Shop) can have even more resistance.

Awesome,so that you get killed even faster by the 100 resistance guy.

So that the guy can regen the damage you dealt to him last round after your weapons did half the damage because of his resistance?


Do not add floor ‘‘buffs’’!


@Mohadib, how about re enabling 1v1 and 3v3?
These would bring real difference in strategy, in building etc
I personally see these pads as another luck base update (wich is of course bad).

There is so many things that could make the game better with the existing, be it items, arena, now titans.
But your team keeps bring new items, new things that are unfortunately most of the time unsuccessfull… why not triying to make the existing better before adding? Really mysterious to me.


If it doesn’t work the first time,it will never work.

Do not add back the failed idea that we had to endure in Legacy times.


You want strategy?
Add a variety of weapons,items etc.
Add back 1v1 and 3v3.
Buff unused,worthless weapons.

Anything but floor buffs.

But hey,they’re gonna add them anyways because they couldn’t care less,ain’t that right,@Mohadib?
Just like last time you added 3-push hammers when most voted for 2-range axes.Just like the other time you forced us into doing 1v1 for eternity…Oh,I have a better one.Just like you guys #Reloaded SM.