fLeX tHreAd ! WhO hAs MoSt LuCk FrOm 335 PaCk

I have no idea what you are saying

you are making a little fuss out of nothing, people just wanted to let you know that there is a thread for what your trying to do. They are no bullying you.


Im at diffrent world,I live at Saturn.
Also Fat plannet
Anything problem with that fella?

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ok now beg is becoming the bully, let’s just stop this right now


hahah lol LMAO i like this picture

I calmly tried to explain that you were creating a topic that already exists, there’s no reason to become blatantly toxic, and claim you’re being bullied when you start the war yourself

this dude begformercy. is just trolling. Don’t bother with him.

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Ok, I was trying to help you but now I just think you’re retarded

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Hey that’s a bit uncalled for, you’re just encouraging him to send out more toxicity and you’re being toxic yourself

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Mate do you even fuckin Geography?
In Jupiter is windy fast af.

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i am just tring to troll u guys

everybody already knew that smh

read the whole post fyre stare

u watch one piece my dude i am on episde 833 of one piecehttps://ww1.animesimple.com/watch/183527-one-piece-episode-833-anime.html

how do u share the video?

did u watch it yet? u watch animes?

if u like animes watch the anime called death note

I did tho XD

its the best anime in the world

have u ever watched death note its really good it only has 37 episode