Flare type weapons


Now, the weapon I thought of was this.
The weapon barrel is slanted upwards and has a thin cylinder barrel.
It shoots out a flare in a specific range, like the scopes, but closer by a ton.
It lands on the opponent and it calls in an air strike to land bombs that are heat or energy.
Depending on the weapon type.
I just thought this would be a cool idea. Have a nice day.


Sounds interesting.
The only question that remains is the stats.

An air strike sounds dang powerful.


I was thinking of it as a multi hit weapon.
So, the weapon is really based on RNG. It can either shoot 1 - 2 rockets at epic, 2 - 4 at legend, and 4 - 5 at mythical. The rocket damage does no change. It will stay at 50 - 80 damage. Heat damage would be, each rocket would do about 30 heat damage.
Energy would be at around 40 energy damage each.
For design, I haven’t thought of one yet.
So, I will put the chart out.

For the heat air strike weapon I thought of
Heat Seeker as a name.
Weight is 45.
Maximum damage it can do is 400 damage.
1 Use.
Maximum heat damage is 150.
Heat cost depends on the amount of rockets shot. Each rocket is 20 heat per use.

For energy it would weight 50 - 55.
Its basically the same. But with a maximum energy drainage of 200.
Each energy rocket is 30 energy per shot.


Desolation ?


Its not like desolation at all.
I said…

I don’t see anything that is similar to desolation.




I said it was slanted. Not straight up.
Ok, I don’t think you get what I mean by flare.
The specific range is because it is the farthest the flare can go.
The flare alerts the air strike force above, and thats where they shoot.


I understand and like the concept,but this is out of game’s style and too much work for the devs…


Well, with designing the rockets and the new weapon, it would be a whole ton of work, along with all the RNG packed in it XD


Trust me,the devs would only have trouble designing it.
If we’re talking about RNG,TacticSoft is the God of it.


We could help them :slight_smile:

I just want one of my ideas to at least make it to the game ;-;