Flaming Scope Aquired


valiant sniper aquiered 8)

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End my suffering


3 legendaries Aquired

Im not lucky.

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You got sniper from insane mode ?

I only got one legendary. Free token rip to 0 now

Havent gotten anything yet and I’m struggling to even complete the missions :smiley:

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I got 1 from hard mode, insane devour my all tokens. Now no tokens left.

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yeah , insane mode and gotten 9 legendaries soo far

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luck you have, me just 2 legend

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Express nerf introduced - now nothing drops - 6 insane, 3 hard - not a single item ! Thank you guys… you really have to brag and ruin everything…


Its just luck…

Long ago there was the dual supernova combo, now its dual flaming scope

Kill me please kind sir