Flaming Hammer Portal Live! 8/06/18


One thing…you don’t have any energy module.


in top ranks there are just few energy mechs XD


It is suppesed to become an anti-heat anti-physical mech.
That is why there is no energy module.


Well that’s a dead mech then…
You have a chance to fight someone with energy.


my second mech is and anti heat and phys.
energy could blow its arse away.


I saw it…


I have an energy mech myself and a heat mech, too.
But I often see players in rank 2-5 with only heat and physical mechs.
Especially hard are those using 2 Claw Mechs with Mercy and dual Spartan or Spartan + Nighfall.
Therefore my third mech wis targeting anti-heat and anti-physical.


5 full tanks of fuel, no legies.