Flaming Hammer Portal Live! 8/06/18


Are you becky sharpe?


Well, I had 2 Magmas already. I also had 2 Valiants already.
But I still miss Maximum Protector, Ash Creator and Crimson Rapture.
Somehow I have the feeling the game is programmed to have a higher chance of giving you duplicates than new items.
I had my 1st Valiant after some months, then within 2 weeks my 2nd one dropped. And now I have a 3rd one.
Magma Blast, too, I did not get one for long time. But once I had the first one I got my 2nd one during the next premium box / pack sale.
And more than all my first Platinum Plating dropped only after several months in a level up box.
Suddenly within 2 months the Platinum Platings I have increased to 3.
Also I got my first Rolling Beast some days ago and now from the portal I got a 2nd one already.

But the items I am still missing like Bunker Shell, Crimson Rapture, Ash Creator or Maximum Protector simply do not show up at all.
So I really get the feeling like there are 2 drop rates for legendaries:
One for items you have already gotten once and one for items you have not gotten so far.


Who is becky sharpe?


I guess we have our own items.

Yes,i got that item.


Confimed- you are not a flash fan


Btw. I sunk 1500 tokens into the portal and got 15 legendaries from it (I think could also be 14 or 16, I lost count once).
But 1 legendary per 100 tokens spent is not a bad trade I think when compared to premium boxes or packs.


??? What? Could you please explain? I don’t get it.


You are even worse than trans.

That’s very terrible.


I am on par with fluxeon’s sub account in token investment for developing that item portal.


Good portal to me. Around 15 legend and many many epics.


How many refuels?


Lol mate, I mean THE FLASH TV series.


Less than 10…


Can I hit you, please?
I suddenly feel this urge to hit someone who got the same amount of legendaries as me…


Yep… But all myth food…


I have a need for lots of myth food:
Items stuck at legendary lv. 40:

1 Flaming Hammer
1 Magma Blast
1 Platinum Grappling Hook
1 Charge Engine
1 Energy Engine
2 Energy Mass Boosters
6 Heat Engines
2 Cooling Mass Booster

and more on the way, e.g. Rolling Beasts.


how much gold do you have?


Magma and modules are the best…


After the portal and fusing items to open all the boxes from the portal I have 2 mio. gold now.


Well, I focus on the Charge, Platinum Hook and then Heat Modules to complete my physical mech right now: