Flaming Hammer Portal Live! 8/06/18


They’ve always got new shit to release.

I wouldn’t be against waiting 2 weeks for another one though. Need to restock my tokens for this bs


yeah, that too.You guys fnaf fans?


Game Theory FNAF… not FNAF itself


^ That.


God don’t remind me of that game.

I completed every fnaf games…

Just don’t.


Worst portal yet. I got 2 premium items for 550 tokens. and 3 other myth food.


Worst portal?



I think the rate of drops were 1 leg per 3 refills/1leg per 100 tokens. As backed by @TechnoDive’s leg count and token spent ratio


Also, Fluxeon, around 3000 tokens for 30 legs… another backing of the drop rate.


me, 0 legs for 0 tokens, still backs up the idea.


After having counted my total leggies. I got around 14 (mostly useless) for 1060 tokens


What the acctual fuq?
1060 tokens for 14 legy?

14 is not enough for 1060 tokens


1060 tokens in any other portal would’ve netted me 20-30 (or hell 40 legs).


okay, not backing up the idea, but makes sense.
RNG is different for everyone.


My RNG is total cluster fuqed.


And there he goes…

@Sarah247 i probably wish you for another better portal next time.


It sunk lol


Who needs fortune boxes if they can get mixed boxes like this:

Well, okay, except for fortune boxes like this, of course:


You got Magma Blast too?!



I’m honestly convinced you need to be r1 or some stupid shit to actually get good drops like this. EVERYONE who’s gotten them have been some really high rankers. ffs