Flaming Hammer Portal Live! 8/06/18



I want to drop a second valiant or the scope.




just what a double E and phys set up needs.


At least you got something bloody useful lmfao

better than fluxeons power unit


its not useful to me because I have no intention of building heat, I’d need to fuse up an entire new weapon set, adjust mods and catch up in arena shop (I havent invested anything in heat apart from +3% in heat damage when I was playing around with the idea of using a heat bomb on an energy to tackle low heat energies).

I’d rather it was junk, atleast then it wouldnt be a wasted l-m.


About 12 runs on portal and got 4 useless legends.

At least I mythed and almost maxed all 3 of my charge engines plus number 7 heat engine, so the fusion material definitely helped.

I decided not to spend time or tokens in Epic portals anymore.


Sorry for offtop, but how I can build good heat mech using Claw and Heronmark? What items I need?


I managed 7 mythed items. 5 maxed within the first 32 hours. It’s not a good drops portal for me, but fusion fod was amazing.

Still wishing I got a bloody magma from this portal.


Corrupt Light, Savagery, Heat Bomb on a Zarkares, Devouring paws and any other wepon you have.


2nd dynamic



think for yourself.

I hate how people no longer even try to participate in the building section of the game and simply come to the forums and ask everyone else to build their mechs for them or use a template from one of these guides.


I made a rant about this and got flagged for it. Got told to help people instead


i got no leggies(reason mentioned over 5 times above).
But I made 4 leggies, mythed annihilation, and made my four myths from levels 1,25,32,23 to levels 25,32,35,34.
Good enough for me.


Am trying to get down 2 refills in 28 minutes.

Wish me luck :crossed_fingers:


In results:
Get 16 legends, spend 700 tokens.
And tons of rares and epics.


I hope the next portal wont be as frequent as this one.
They should space out the time between portals…
Next one in like 3 weeks would be nice.




Most likely


lemme explain- If a portal was to be released in like, every week or so, they would eventually run out of the new items that the portal is made for.
Thus, no portals, no token spendage,no fun(for players), no profit, etcetc.
Hence proved.


but thats just a theory