Flaming Hammer Portal Live! 8/06/18


I only manually did it for Insane… then everything else was auto-pilot


Yup, that is my experience too.
That is why when i farm i do it myself(most of the time, anyways)

True that.


I got all my drops from auto-pilot on hard mode after clearing each difficulty once by doing them manual for the estimation of difficulty and then one full manual run on Insane to compare to the hard mode drops.


I’mma record my battles in the portal.




Good job! Now suck a pen.


I GOT A HERONMARK!!!..is it good??


I did not got a singlw legy what is just wrong with the ite boxes


balance sheet:

+25 refill and charge

spent +350 tokens

4 legendary ,40 empty box

  • 6 hours working on portal
    I do not have a chance :sans expression:


Spend 600 tokens, 15 leg cards.




spent 300 worth of fuel refilling on hard auto pilot and i got heron , bunker shell , rolling beasts and 20 more trash legendaries , its all RNG my friend


No pic, no proof.


here you go


wat ja fudge


I got only 5 legendaries. This is stupid.

I don’t need no weapons yet. I need them claws.


TheWindWeaver, what are you level?






I got one of thems


level 150 , can 87% confirm that your drop rate is significantly better when you are at maxed level