Flaming Hammer Portal Live! 8/06/18


I doubt that…


ha…lol…for some reason my screen went all the way up to the first few replies to this topic but it matched with what I was reading so I didn’t notice until just now…


But you do believe that TS has employees working on Friday night or already Saturday morning that have the ability and authority to nerf something in the game?
If that were the case they would have fixed LS portal last week.
So an auto-nerf would be more likely than that.


They are not that smart considering the past few updates…

JK!!!..I am sorry


I just got another legendary but I am yet again disappointed…I got blazing legs

and what is taking Transcendant so long to reply?


I doubt they had people in at the time to do this. Sarah likely replied from her own system, that’s likely not even in the building (from home I mean). (That is if this is who you meant. Haven’t heard of anyone else having been there that day).

And she doesn’t have the power/authority to change/fix such things.

So I HIGHLY doubt it’s an auto nerf portal. It’s most likely a strange algorithm. It seems if you start receiving nothing but blues. That it helps to stop farming for a bit and then pick back up later on. Drops seem to get better with a break. (at least this is what I noticed).

is it strange to shoot down your own theory when the game just hands you rares on a paper plate? (ugh)


oh…ok then…I will take a break and come back later


I am still abundant on epics… 2 epics per box almost… 90% of the time.

But 4 legendaries. That’s so stupid.


Still no Epics and Legends, just rares ;-;

The heck is this sorcery?!


Still better than 2 useless legendaries


The portal (normal mode, cant do hard) started to give me commons only for 5 runs, so went to bigboy, and got a mamimum protector!


Bigboy? normal I presume, in a fortune box


Well, I mostly get rares now with 0-1 epic in it.
And after ca. 1100 tokens for refills I am at 10 leggies now.
Although except that 1 LS that I got they are all useless.

The best drop was the 1 leg I got from a fortune box.
I was like “YES! Legendary from fortune box. So 2 legs at once!”
Then the box opened… 1 rare, 1 epic, 1 leg…
Now I thought: “Oh, come on…!!!”
But when I turned the leg around everything changed…
I instantly thought: “Are you fk-ing kidding me? Why of all items is it that one?! Why when I finally get an L-M item this one?!?!?!”

The fortune box dropped nothing else but a useless Archimonde. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY!?!??!




Fortune boxes don’t guarantee 2 legs… but it can happen. Would like to see it one day


LS, you mean lightning scope?
pretty good, unless you #hatebluemechs


Stare at mine. This is one of two I’ve gotten from Fortune Boxes (during this portal). I did get another pair of leggies but from a mix box. c:

(also drops were ass, nightmare/delerium).


Thanks for letting me see it!! I never knew that day was today!


No, I am not hatebluemechs.
But I already have an energy mech with dual Valiant Sniper.
And dual Val is far more practical than using LS, right?


Ahaha, I have played Auto-Pilot for the portal, and NONE of the levels that were autopiloted dropped something.

Very well then ya’ failure of a RNG, I’ll give you some Manual Punishment.