Flaming Hammer Portal Live! 8/06/18


Oh wait, I can like but they dissapear… Sh*t


However you must rebuild your mech to let the mercy fit lol


You mean war hammer?


Okay it’s going to be fun if I get means never get it


Yes… right… I get them confused


You never know… One day…


Anyone still here?


Hell yeah.


I am… and I got another legendary. I only got 4. This is so stupid


I hate you!!!


You are wrong, @cyanine .
Post #666 was not made by @SeanChoi1870.
Check the quote you made.
It says: quote=“SeanChoi1870, post:669, topic:18949”
So that is post #669.

Post #666 was made by you, @cyanine .
It is this one:

Check the quote line:
quote=“cyanine, post:666, topic:18949, full:true”


No… wait… it depends on what you consider the middle of the thread while on a post. Cyanine thought the the post was seans since it was in the middle of the page when the number popped up. Turns out it’s when it’s at the top of the screen


Get out of here!!!


Nope, post 1 is counted.
The quote line shows the number of the post.
So this is post 722 and yours that I reply to right here is post 719.

What you mean is “reply number” not “post number”.
Post number includes the first post in the count and reply number starts with the 2nd post as that is the 1st reply to the topic.
But anyway that would still make SeanChoi1870’s post only reply #668 and not #666.


Yeah… I realised


Holy f*cking shit, I literally spaced out without my control, and even my own head fell to my keyboard

Also yeah Winz is right, I take whatever is in the middle of the post as the main one.


Booyah, got em


I just wanted to make sure no one religious goes after the wrong person when aiming for the one making post #666.


Did they nerf it?..I am getting rares


I´ve been getting a lot of rares since about 18 hours ago I think.
Maybe there is an auto-nerf code in the item portal codes that activates when the remaining time goes below 24 hours… :thinking: