Flaming Hammer Portal Live! 8/06/18


eww you mean @TechnoDive
I only have one claw


Oh, yeah sorry, I’m getting mixed up with both of your anime faces. (Faeces)


I only got non so you guys should be happy all out of fuel now 90 fuel no legendarys out of any chest


How… one’s blue and one’s white


Techno had Kanna’s face last time, and Ricemech has some kind of half-assed anime face, so yeah.


What? You mean @WMist253 with his half-assed drawing

@Ricemech88 has Zarkares anime


off topic

wow I clapped so damn loud, that I even suprised myself.


There’s nothing like that.


Hey guys at least I got one i did not take a pic but I got one hammer




I got 30+ hammers from this portal, but I killed 80% of them.


Ahh ok I see it now, the clips in the edge.

Edit : I’mma sketch that, wait a sec




Disappointing I got no legendarys at all with a 90 fuel run


After 90 fuel? That’s only 11 runs…

I used 13 refills and got 3 legendaries… and I only got 2 of them just 20 minutes ago… Stupid

You need to farm more


Okay then one refuel let you know what happens be back in 30 mins


I am finally getting some more epics but still no more legendaries!!!



I keep forgetting to claim the rewards after the campaign mission is finished and end up wasting a few minutes because this book is soo good…maybe you guys should read it too, it’s called Cool Nukes - Des Hunt…it is a fiction book…and don’t judge a book by it’s cover (learnt from @Winz_Kay)…


got a lightning scope!


PHOTOSHOP!!!..I can see the errors