Flaming Hammer Mission (Hard)

alright i’m sure many of you have got the flaming hammer correct?
well if you play it enough the mission will start throwing some legendaries from mix boxes at you.
this has happened to me twice now, the savagery and dust maker drone were given to me via mix box.
i’m not sure if this is a bug or if anyone else has got any legendaries themselves but it’s handy.
i’m actually like really grinding on this mission not for the hammer but for the legendaries (they better xd).
no but for real has any of you guys got legendaries from the mission on hard i think it might be a bug.
well they could fix it, if it is so i suggest getting as much plays in as you can before they fix or the portal is gone.
also if you need proof here’s a normal mix box opening showing the dust maker drone, i’ll cya guys next time i guess.

It seems they just lowered the chances of getting boxes often.

I’ve refueled around 6-7 times so far. And a good portion (more than I’d like to admit) has been no box runs. These portals are being nerfed. I swear. If these get nerfed. I’m done with SM.

Last thing I found enjoyable.

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a fair and honest player,you don t see this everyday

yeah is normal,that s way people want portals that much,so don t worry and keep farming
good luck


Told ya so.

Hope they buff it alitle bit

It is very normal to get legendaries from mix boxes in hard mode(best mode to play)
This time around, many people complain that they have reduced the number for boxes achieved from runs.

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ah i see, i have never got a legendary from a mix box so i was confused but also happy asf.

lmao i like it honestly.

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I have never got one too, but know people who have it(can’t do hard mode yet)

well in general everyone gets at least 1 good legendary or enough food legendarys but this portal is fkt up

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you don’t have a good enough mech yet?

it’s giving me boxes left and right.

most of us don t even get boxes so yeah…be happy with them mate,at least you got 1 good legendary

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well i guess i’m just lucky asf–

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last portal i got mercys XD
so this one can t give me anything better

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lmao that’s p good actually.

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Reckoning is a pretty good item!

nice, good job on that! :slight_smile:

meanwhile over here i’m getting lightning supporters…

i want thoooooooooooose