Flame Of Disarray (Lake V.)

You dared me,Trophy.

Amass the fire in my heart
To unleash Hell upon thee
Until all bonds melt apart
And all your heads are rolling
They control your every part
With beliefs that are crawling
Inside your ribcage every night
While what’s real is falling

Born as a slave,raised as a ■■■■■
Your entire life’s hauling
To a God you think you reach
While praying in the morning
Does it soothe your disgraceful soul
To see the whole world kneeling
Fearful in the face of God
Who’s afraid of revealing?

“But why,of course He does exist
Or we wouldn’t be living
And you’ll be damned to void if you
Dare ever stop believing
So dope on this and don’t resist
You must really stop thinking
This pain and sorrow is His gift
His plan involves us bleeding”

So now,you fucking vermin,tell me
Why’s human kind tearing?
Are His wisdoms sick irony
Or lies just so compelling?
Some have no care and some can’t feed
Stuck in this massive horde
Why not admit your own greed
Instead of blaming your Lord?

You have your own life in your hands
Yet choose to play the servant
Because it’s His love we witness
Oh,how very observant.
At least there’s one thing you got right
We’re shaped after His image
There’s stealing,crime and that’s our pride
With nothing left to pillage

Instead of fixing the cuts now
You kneel and beg forgiveness
You’re scared to shit finding out how to
Kill your greatest weakness.
You let others do the killing
Of your very mind… ~While
The world outside your head’s beyond
Fragmented and maligned.

You fucking blind,delusional,weak,self-centered,deceiving,suicidal,idiotic ~ filth


Okay,now this deserves a real song.
This is pure fucking metal,right there.


But I need a program…Dunno something free and that could be used for metal,too.
I have no instruments.


i never thought i would spend valentines reading lakes poetry


An excellent cynical poem about Atheism and how we shouldn’t depend on God or blame him for our actions.


Thank you!
It took me so much thought and sincere feelings.