Fix the fusion glitch


So many items are glitched in my inventory. Instead of giving the full fusion they give half OR a seemingly random but incomplete part. Ive lost lost about 40,000 power due to this and I was never reimbursed but whatever, fix this so i can use fusion from old items. Its extremely irritating.
As you can see instead of 70,000 it will only give 38,000. When i try to fuse it with other weapons it does the same.


It’s not a glitch, actually an update.


The XP of the item is not equal to the boost XP.
You only know the boost XP when you move it to use.
I hope this help!
Good Luck!


Why was this implemented? seems dumb, no? :confused:


on the old upgrade you could see their both lvls to know how much fusion power it have and how much fusion power it needs but know the unnecesary update leave us blind just seeing the needed untill you tap it to fuse, just dont trust in all what you see untill you use it


Why does the boost XP change tho?
If I have a 40,000 XP item and it says 30,000 will be given you bet your ass im gonna get 30,000, not 40,000. So like… why is that…? Why do we not get our full fusion, it applies to some items and not others. And even to those that it does apply to… it only does to other certain items when fusing (whether it gives full XP or a fraction of it). This very inconsistency is what made me originally think it was a glitch.

Can someone just clarify for me, what this does? Why its implemented? I dont see the use in it. Seems more like robbing players out of their fusion. Am I looking at this the wrong way? Please, enlighten me if so.