Fix epic drop rates (different items)

I saw the most falling items is Lighting Supporters & Nightfall.
Since my opening boxes I got 6 lightning supporters & 4 nightfalls.
Why only they?
Can you increase chance to drop another Epic - Mythical if we got enough of that?

Here Nightfalls.
2 legends
1 myth
1 epic…

Huh… weird. I’ve never gotten a lightning supporters before and I’ve only gotten 2 nightfalls on my account.

i rly want a nightfall

If trading was allowed, I give someone 2 legendary nightfalls.
Last premium box drop:
Epic (Grim Cobra).

actually, I have no prob with lightning supporters and nightfalls, but I need annihilations. I think that if we put enough thought into the idea, we can get T-soft to implement it