Fix Avenger max myth black color

Literally looks gray on max myth… make it more black ?

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That’s what me and my brother noticed

Also…this supposed to be an idea topic?

Gray is awesome tho nbn

yea gray is awesome and it should be a paint… But yea avenger should look black at max myth instead of gray… no?

Pics or it never happened? lol

this is my max avenger torso my only myth

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For an example.

Yep its grey and black

Looks black to you compared to other torsos???
avenger seems really out of place compared to others

noo, I’m asking for a pic of it? Because I didn’t notice it’s color was off. Wanted to see for myself c:

and me myself like the grey black avenger

Same with Heat Bomb…

Grey > Black

Period aakjskajskajskajkajskajaks

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As a matter of fact, all colors are off when applied to avenger.

NEVER! Avenger looks like top notch mettalic gunmetal lamborgini

I believe it is exactly the same color… Gunmetal… Compare:


One or two lighting scope would fit just nice on this

Avenger for some reason has a lighter hue than all the other torso.

Example :

Max out any Epic torso, it will look like some yellow-puss color right? Now max out an Avenger in Epic, and compare the two together, it’s gonna appear in a lighter hue.

Or basically compare it to any torso without maxing it or upgrading it, the differences should pop out immediately.

Even more proof…

this must be a bug right?
@Sarah247 ???

Nope, that has been here for months and THEY designed this torso, so it must mean that it was intentional.

Also keep note of this :

Real Examples :

Compare the Zarkares and Banshee’s gray colors to the Avenger’s gray colors :


OR this, with colors :


Notice the difference?

I bought 3 Brown paints for this, ya’ better see the difference

can still say that torso looks brown to me… now look at this!