Fix Avenger max myth black color


Literally looks gray on max myth… make it more black ?


That’s what me and my brother noticed

Also…this supposed to be an idea topic?


Gray is awesome tho nbn


yea gray is awesome and it should be a paint… But yea avenger should look black at max myth instead of gray… no?


Pics or it never happened? lol


this is my max avenger torso my only myth


For an example.


Yep its grey and black


Looks black to you compared to other torsos???
avenger seems really out of place compared to others


noo, I’m asking for a pic of it? Because I didn’t notice it’s color was off. Wanted to see for myself c:


and me myself like the grey black avenger


Same with Heat Bomb…


Grey > Black

Period aakjskajskajskajkajskajaks


As a matter of fact, all colors are off when applied to avenger.


NEVER! Avenger looks like top notch mettalic gunmetal lamborgini

I believe it is exactly the same color… Gunmetal… Compare:


One or two lighting scope would fit just nice on this


Avenger for some reason has a lighter hue than all the other torso.

Example :

Max out any Epic torso, it will look like some yellow-puss color right? Now max out an Avenger in Epic, and compare the two together, it’s gonna appear in a lighter hue.

Or basically compare it to any torso without maxing it or upgrading it, the differences should pop out immediately.


Even more proof…

this must be a bug right?
@Sarah247 ???


Nope, that has been here for months and THEY designed this torso, so it must mean that it was intentional.

Also keep note of this :

Real Examples :

Compare the Zarkares and Banshee’s gray colors to the Avenger’s gray colors :


OR this, with colors :


Notice the difference?

I bought 3 Brown paints for this, ya’ better see the difference


can still say that torso looks brown to me… now look at this!