First time reaching 1mil coins

After playing for about a month this is the first time that I was able to collect 1 Mil coins ( and not spent it instantly ) and I just wanted to share that with you peeps.


Nice mmilestone. Mech is looking pretty good

So many tokens…

Just hit the 5 million Gold …


my highest is 7500000 coins

WoW :exclamation:


that is only 7.5 mil

And here we were complaining about gold early in the game - when we had to rush flushing items down the drain! :slight_smile:

Congrats on the milestone

Yes correct, it turned/turns, because nowadays you get no new good items without spending thousands of tokens … so you end up with a lot “garbage” rares and legendaries, which you don’t want to boost :exclamation:

So the Gold is @Rising :grey_exclamation:

little joke



i had 3 M in old super mechs, but now… :confused:

Nice job my friend. Good achievement

Not sure why people hang onto gold. Buy 5-10 boxes a day, and use money for upgrading.

yeah that is why i don’t have any money now, i can get i back easily

So I have been thinking about this. I only have legends and a few epics that I have been upgrading using the items from boxes and purchasing up to 6400 gold silver box. I am sitting on nearly 1 million gold, should I be spending more of my gold daily to get more items or save the gold as I hear upgrades from legend to myth get very expensive.

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Not really hanging onto gold just finished a legendady to myth (5 epic to legendary) and was down to 600k the event got me up to 1.3m in a day and i got nothing to spend it on rn

Increase your daily box spendings. Im currently at 9400 and have 5mil+ on each of my accounts. Prolly gonna go up to 14400 to try to equalize. The idea is to figure out how much you spend in a day, on average, and have your silver box spendings be as close to that without going over, as possible.

So, higher level players that have more fuel, are able to get more gold without spending tokens, and people with stronger mechs that can fight stronger bosses without buying revives for tokens, therefore earning more money, are able to buy more boxes every day while still staying equal

nice going…I only have 88,804coins

Its WRONG. The upgrade cost is higher with each level. Loss boxes and other achievements below level increasing.