First Time Drawing Dragon Ball Characters! (Including Oozaru Vegeta, Piccolo, and Goku-Super Saiyan Blue)


Tell me what yall think! :slight_smile:
Drew Goku -Super Saiyan Blue 2 months ago and posted to
Here is the link, and if you are a member, feel free to upvote my memes and photos!
I also drew A closer look at Goku, and colored his hair slightly differently. I thought about the chance of his hair turning gold in some sort of form. I knew his hair turns yellow when he goes super saiyan, as any others would, but what if it turned gold? Good idea or bad? Anyway, the image is below! :grinning:


Not bad :+1:


pretty op although im not much into anime any more :+1:t6:


Good work. Keep at it.


where is gohan …


Sorry, haven’t drew him yet.


Let me know who yall want me to draw next!!!


Great :b


Fire Emblem.

Because this is literally just an anime game.
To be more specific? Idk. Chrom?

(Not Dragon Ball.)


What do you mean? I don’t understand…


he means draw more game characters
like chrom

here try this characters from this game/ like my profile pic that one of the characters from fire emblem
here dis chrom

i could fill you in on more characters if you want @Cody_Browning


Well sorry, but I only draw DragonBall and a little My Hero Academia… I don’t even know what that stuff is…


then yo should play the game


What’s it on? I only play DS lite, Wii, and free online computer games…


ummmm i played it on ps4


eh… I don’t even have a psp, much less a 4… besides, about to start to work in a few months, so won’t have as much time…


oh okay then never mind